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Suggestion Compilation Master Post

Suggestion Compilation Master Post
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Within this topic, we will link to suggestions that are popular and seem to be re-posted frequently.  While it is not an obligation to view this topic before you post a suggestion, we highly encourage giving it at least a cursory skim to avoid posting something that has already been suggested and is linked here.  Please be sure to review our Game Development Guidelines, as well.

We ask that you view this topic for what it is: a compilation of popular, frequently-posted suggestions.  Nothing in this list is promised to be added (or removed) to the game itself.

Refrain from requesting that your suggestion topic be linked here.  It is not appropriate to contact the Modbox or directly PM a staff member with the intent to have your suggestion topic linked within this compilation post.  Wolvden's staff team will be perusing the Game Development forum on our own and will add to this post as we see fit.

Planned Features

This is a compilation of features that are already planned to be added to Wolvden in future, per the Welcome to Wolvden Early Access and Development Update #4 news posts.  Please refrain from suggesting these features as they are already going to be added to the game.  Posting a suggestion topic pertaining to the following features will result in your topic being locked.

  • Custom decor updates (updating images, names, descriptions, adding stages, etc.)
  • Site polls
  • Special raffle wolves
  • Frequent community updates
  • Talent trees with skills, abilities, and battle moves for your lead wolf
  • More explore content for each biome
  • Karma system
  • Dark theme
  • Training and education for pups and adolescents
  • In depth content relating to wolf personalities and relationships between pack members
  • A maternal bear pupsink
  • Clans
  • Wishlists
  • Nesting pose

List of Suggestions


Breeding/Pair Bonding

Caves, Dens, and Profiles

Chat and Forums

Custom Decors




Gene's Hollow/Scrying Stone

Grove and Raccoon Wares

Health and Illnesses





Layout and UI

Lunar Dreams Event



Trading Center


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