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Game Development Guidelines

Game Development Guidelines
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Game Development Guidelines

  1. Suggestions posted to this board are considered discussion topics for features and adjustments that players would like to see in the game.  Developers are under no obligation whatsoever to add or make any changes discussed on this forum.  The feedback is appreciated, but the developers must make the final call when it comes to adding any new feature or adjustment in the game to make sure it fits with the ethos of the game and will maintain balance.
  2. If a new feature is added to the game, there is no guarantee the inspiration for the feature came from a particular topic posted on this forum.  The developers have a long list of future plans for updates to the game and many will overlap with what players discuss on this forum.  As per bullet point 18.4 from the Terms of Service: if you publish any content on our forums (including suggestions), you grant us the right to use these suggestions without crediting you by name.
  3. A particular suggestion discussion topic may be overwhelmingly popular - or conversely, overwhelmingly unpopular - but the seeming popularity of a topic does not guarantee its addition (or removal) to the game.  Suggestion topics are not petitions.
  4. The developers, admins, and moderators reserve the right to close a suggestion topic posted here for any reason, and are under no obligation to provide an explanation for why a suggestion topic was rejected or locked.  Where possible, a brief explanation may be posted.
  5. Duplicate suggestions will be locked without comment - please refer to the compilation master post linked here before you post a suggestion topic.
  6. Suggestion topics posted with an overly-negative tone will just be locked.  We need constructive criticism.  This is not a vent or complaints forum, this is a forum for suggestions only.  This rule applies to any replies to a suggestion topic as well.
  7. Only suggestions pertaining to Wolvden's gameplay, features, and functionality are allowed.  Refrain from posting suggestion topics relating to Wolvden's staff members, rules, and policies - utilise the Contact Us form linked at the bottom of each page instead.
  8. When posting on suggestion topics, you are expected to post constructive replies only.  Comments that simply state "I support" or "I don't support" will be removed.  Players are encouraged to discuss the suggestion itself and provide constructive criticism if they disagree with it or dislike it.
  9. One suggestion per topic maximum.  It is difficult to review a suggestion topic when it contains multiple different suggestions.  If you have several ideas, please take the time to post them individually in a helpful format.  Topics that contain multiple suggestions will be locked.
  10. The developers are not interested in Wolvden turning into a clone of Lioden.  If Wolvden is missing features from Lioden, they are either deliberately not added, or they are planned for future release.  Please refrain from suggesting them.

Developers will not give a response to any suggestion topic posted.  Developers may like (or dislike) many suggestion discussions, but despite personal likes and dislikes, not all suggestion topics will be compatible with being added to the game.  This is to avoid confusion and to help cut down on rumours of a new feature being implemented without any official confirmation from us.

Auto-Rejected Suggestions

Suggestions pertaining to the following topics are currently not accepted, and any topics relating to these will be closed without notice.  As follows: bases, eyes, skins, claws, noses, markings, mutations, game events, poses, variants, free GC, being able to boost wolf moods without using items.

This area is subject to be updated without notice.

Below, you can find a sample template for how to successfully post a suggestion topic.

Hi devs!

Today, I had this idea.

I will explain the idea here. In my explanation, I describe what my idea will change or add to the game.

I had this idea because I realised [problem] in the game, and I feel my idea will fix this [problem] because of [reason]. Alternatively, I had this idea because I realised my idea will add something special to the game to [achieve something].

In order for my idea to get added to the game, I think the following will be required from the devs: [artwork], [coding], [writing], [server tweaks].

Thank you for considering my suggestion!


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