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Game Development

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
Discussion: Feeding & Care Changes AbbeyFangx bumped 14 hours ago113
Raffle Stud Name Suggestions Xylaxdoc replied 21 hours ago119
Discussion: Clans KatzeFangx replied 1 day ago81
Game Development Guidelines KatzeKatze posted 2020-11-03 07:51:100
Suggestion Compilation Master Post KatzeKatze posted 2020-11-03 07:38:590
Change pup training UI Falunsknown replied 41 minutes ago11
Display if pup has trained today under training tab unsknownunsknown replied 42 minutes ago2
Lower GC increase on immortal wolf slots QueijacMima replied 2 hours ago40
Automatic Generation Ticker + Search/Trading Dropdown Feature Evil πŸ’€Evil πŸ’€ bumped 4 hours ago2
Temporary Freeze Item (for Wolves) Evil πŸ’€Evil πŸ’€ bumped 4 hours ago11
Stats Accumulated Counter on Wolf Page Evil πŸ’€Evil πŸ’€ bumped 4 hours ago11
Fixing the Assign Pups to Pupsitter Menu Evil πŸ’€Evil πŸ’€ bumped 4 hours ago0
Ability to Assign Specific Hunter Roles (Chaser, Finisher, etc.) Evil πŸ’€Evil πŸ’€ bumped 4 hours ago6
Level 20 Perks RavencoreZeva replied 4 hours ago4
In crafting, specifically nesting material, tell me how many items I’ve selected MTiger18A moderator replied 9 hours ago9
Nesting Material Crafting UI + Recipes! foehnA moderator replied 9 hours ago3
Let Us Use Cure-For-Alls From Herbalist Menu Jo Ann | T3 Mela BreederA moderator replied 9 hours ago2
Remove Raccoon’s SC Limit and Explore SC Cap ChirpA moderator replied 9 hours ago4
Adoption expansion: Allow pairs to adopt non-bear pups SpontaneiteA moderator replied 9 hours ago7
Add death of hunger/mood [as a user toggled option] ClementineA moderator replied 9 hours ago22
Wolf "moon phases" and "season born" etc ⌘Tallbarr⌘A moderator replied 9 hours ago3
pronoun changes? serafγ€ο»ΏοΌ‘ο½”ο½Œο½ο½“γ€‘[5/59 GC] replied 10 hours ago123
Improve raccoon trade in/item selection menus GryphGryph posted 11 hours ago0
Tailor Hunt Quests To Biome Difficulty Thistle ⭐ [He/They]Thistle ⭐ [He/They] bumped 11 hours ago5
Increase number of finishers and stalkers in hunting party Snowcat13 🌞Snowcat13 🌞 bumped 13 hours ago22