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Game Development

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
Raffle Stud Name Suggestions Xylax☾• Pyra •☽ replied 1 week ago148
Game Development Guidelines KatzeKatze posted 2020-11-03 07:51:100
Suggestion Compilation Master Post KatzeKatze posted 2020-11-03 07:38:590
Mobile Application or Just Notifications — Because this game is so fun! Xengria🌟PrismTheStar🌟 bumped 11 minutes ago4
Suggestion: PvP ᴬⁱᵐᴬⁱᵐ bumped 28 minutes ago4
Stop Adding Ways To Get More SC Until More Ways To Spend It Are Added DerpyDerpy bumped 38 minutes ago7
Traveling Wolf Mechanic ArtistryBadger replied 1 hour ago4
“Grab Stack” In Group Hoard 🦜 Birbz 🦜🦜 Birbz 🦜 bumped 1 hour ago0
"Salvage All" Button 🐾Alymiell🐾🐾Alymiell🐾 bumped 2 hours ago2
Chance to Drop Trophy or Amusement Items from Prey Woodlow (Tecumori)Woodlow (Tecumori) bumped 6 hours ago0
Show nested status on the Den page + warning on the front page Kiwi (Hiatus)Whirligig bumped 9 hours ago5
Raffle Wolves should have a $ Icon Too SlothieSlothie bumped 12 hours ago4
Boosted Group Forum Functionality SlothieSlothie bumped 12 hours ago1
All NBWs get deleted when chased, incl. game generated ones Salem [hiatus]Slothie replied 12 hours ago10
Remove All Pups From Pupsitters Button [Possible SC Sink Idea] SlothieSlothie bumped 12 hours ago0
Add # Items Selected Indicator to Crafting Nesting Material RippleskipRippleskip bumped 12 hours ago0
Reduced Reliance on RNG (from the perspective of a game maker) ranuncudahliaSnær bumped 12 hours ago309
Role Idea: Hunt Master for Auto Hunting Wattpad📎Wattpad📎 replied 16 hours ago3
Change how backgrounds are used EelaiSlothie replied 19 hours ago16
Make COI And Generation Stats Viewable For Enclave Puppies Thistle ⭐ [He/Him]Thistle ⭐ [He/Him] bumped 23 hours ago0
✨Hoard organization or “burrows”/“holes”🕳 doctorAlex the Green Lizard bumped 1 day ago18
More Scouts per Pack adults MaiCookiee bumped 1 day ago34
item to assure pup survival Chibi MikiDerpy replied 1 day ago16
A seperate sort by lowest/highest toggle for gc and sc buyout price DerpyDerpy bumped 1 day ago6
Remove the 5k SC cap on obtaining sc in explore DerpyDerpy bumped 1 day ago2