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Game Development

Topic Author Last Activity Replies
Raffle Stud Name Suggestions XylaxTakoda replied 2022-11-22 16:30:45178
Game Development Guidelines SnuhKatze ☃️Katze posted 2020-11-03 07:51:100
Suggestion Compilation Master Post SnuhKatze ☃️Katze posted 2020-11-03 07:38:590
Implement Raffle Breeding Pairs + Keepable Raffle Wolves Kiki 🌺Kiki 🌺 posted 5 hours ago0
Family tree of dead wolves Wildheart72Wildheart72 posted 6 hours ago0
Other Payment Options ShayC10121ShayC10121 bumped 9 hours ago12
my idea on how to expand the rescouting system jupitercrashjupitercrash bumped 9 hours ago5
Date Night: An Activity for Paired Wolves! Zambz💙 The Posh Ace [hiatus] bumped 15 hours ago5
Adoption expansion: Allow pairs to adopt non-bear pups Spontaneite💙 The Posh Ace [hiatus] bumped 15 hours ago9
Expand Pair bonding Using Personality 💙 The Posh Ace [hiatus]💙 The Posh Ace [hiatus] bumped 15 hours ago4
Rotating NBW Traits MisonticMisontic posted 17 hours ago0
Option to hide remnants when searching via the TC 🌵NIB Brachy Breeder🌵🌵NIB Brachy Breeder🌵 bumped 19 hours ago0
Nested Wolf Incapacity Needs An Update SpindaSwirlzOutFocus bumped 20 hours ago6
CROSSROADS: Token positions lavendoelavendoe bumped 21 hours ago8
Mass Salvage: Change To Yellow And Swap Location With Bury Whirligigtokaygabs replied 1 day ago4
Immortal Pair bonds BarkinIntheDarkBarkinIntheDark bumped 1 day ago45
More Scouts per Pack adults MaiShadow replied 1 day ago28
Tertiary Mutations PerrioPerrio bumped 1 day ago1
A Few Wolf Details Additions to Dynasty Alpha0megaB3taAlpha0megaB3ta bumped 1 day ago0
Adding risks to Inbreeding makochromeMisontic replied 1 day ago10
Allow players to encounter their own Chased wolves CarrieCarrie bumped 1 day ago17
Elk masks are over priced. AliBird 🦌squip bumped 1 day ago8
Add a Marking color changer item to the Grove 🌵NIB Brachy Breeder🌵🌵NIB Brachy Breeder🌵 bumped 2 days ago2
Bird Competitions/Battles - Wolvden's Very Own 'Beetle Battles' Varient Fenrir/Shulk🌻Mange🌻 bumped 2 days ago13
Show Marking Tier in Wardrobe RiverRiver bumped 2 days ago0

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