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Increase number of finishers and stalkers in hunting party

Increase number of finishers and stalkers in hunting party
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Right now each party can only have 1 stalker and 1 finisher, and 3 chasers. It seems it would be more balanced to have 2 finishers and 2 stalkers for each party, as well as helping to train up the next generations. They could do their jobs in pairs like the chasers work together. 

Edit to add what I was asking is if we can have hunting parties that consist of 7 instead of 5. 

2 stalkers


3 chasers

One of the reasons for this is it's really hard to get to get as many hunts in on those and get experience and stats up as high as they could be on more than 2 of each. I have a couple of really nice stalkers and finishers, and a few new ones in training. I'm also trying to start a pair bonded NBW pair in each of the roles. If I can send out 20 hunts a day with 2 teams I have 6 chasers getting as much experience as they can every day - 2 fully trained, 2 young ones, and my 2 pair NBW ones. But only 2 finishers and stalkers get that same opportunity. The ones I'm trying to train up to replace the older ones never get a chance until the others die. Since stalking is so important to finding trails I would like to be able to have more of them out a day for full 10 hunts so they can reach their full potential. Right now I have a bunch just sitting there waiting for the older ones to die, or I pull the older ones to get the others out to hunt and they dont get the chance to get as high as they could have. 

I work all day so I really at best can consistently get out 20 hunts a day. It just seems more balanced to have at least 2 of each in the parties.

Snowcat13 🌞

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Support! I agree that it would be really nice to have more ways for my pack members to level and grow, since it feels like only 10 of my wolves are my "real" pack.

I may have mentioned in another thread already but I had an idea like this, where the hunting party size scales with den slots. So as you unlock a bigger pack size, you have the ability to send out a larger party and bring back more prey.

This would help the problem of feeding a big pack. Right now my wolves are always angry with me- I have enough food to keep them, but not to refill all their bars! I'm worried when karma is implemented there may be a penalty for letting all your wolves go unhappy 😰

Anyway yes, more hunters please!

🌠 Ꮗ𝘺𝘳𝘥𝘸𝘶𝘭𝘧 🌌

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i will alert the mods of your concerns


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@🌠 Ꮗ𝘺𝘳𝘥𝘸𝘶𝘭𝘧 🌌 

This is the same issue I'm having and why I don't/can't grow my pack any bigger. I have a team for every season, which means slow leveling up.


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I like the idea of having hunting parties grow with pack size. Well, up to a certain point. I feel like say for example 30 wolves in one hunting party would be too much. I have no suggestions on what the limit should be atm.