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LollipopMischief 🍭 #8330


| Demi | she/her | aro/ace |

I show, mush, and do sports with Siberian Huskies irl. I'm a big critical role fan and play dnd, as well. 

How to find a reputable breeder <- clicky


I am working to specialize in natural wolves, sometimes with a little added flair. I'm focusing on monotone bases, but am starting to add some muted here and there. Den revamp under way! I have started doing R&C and focusing on breeding wolves with no big studs. Really in love with the sterling base atm
Member Information
Name LollipopMischief 🍭
Pack Obsidian Rains
Lead Wolf Artagan
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 3 hours ago
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