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Ellimac #113174


Hi you can call me ace, meliae, saharee, or camel (yes like the animal. But keep in mind I don't like this nickname a lot)

"mother" (matunlock) is my "mother"

I kinda look like this (minus decor and the pie thing was sorta' symbolic)


If I have never talked to you I will decline any friend request. You can PM me just don't be forcful, and don't talk about, politics, porn, or lgbtq+. I'm not really new but I did take a LONG break so pardon me for any type of blankness of knowladge.


I'm a straight she/her
and I'm annoying, outgoing, love traveling, sarcastic, and sometimes I'm a plain out (accidental) jerk.
as for friends...if I have never talked with you I will not accept friend requests.
I am a miner, I have anger issues, I sometimes have random outbursts of anger so… sorry in advance
I'm EST (Eastern Standard Time) hour and live in the United States




Name: leafy

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

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breed a pie ✔️
breed a mel
breed an alb
inty a goal wolf to try and breed
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Name Ellimac
Pack Demons of the past
Alpha Saddle
Joined 2023-01-03
Last Active 2024/05/13 17:11:29
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