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Ace #113174

Hi you can call me ace, meliae, saharee, or camel (yes like the animal)

I'm a straight she/her
and I'm annoying, outgoing, love traveling, sarcastic
as for friends...if I have never talked with you I will not accept friend requests.
I am a miner, I have anger issues, I sometimes have random outbursts of anger so… sorry in advance
I live near a golf course

I'm at the beginning of an rp: echoes of the past (I made this one)
And in the middle of: the divided and: deers of the lorgorso valley
I'm at the beginning of another rp: (i also made it) wolf pack rp

My "mother" (matunlock) calls me shovel and i have sibling named boon

Only she can call me shovel


Name: leafy

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage


breed a pie ✔️
breed a mel
breed an alb
Member Information
Name Ace
Pack Demons of the past
Alpha Ash
Joined 2023-01-03
Last Active 2 days ago
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