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YesACreativeName🏳️‍⚧️ #46900

Welcome to my den! You can call me Sebastian! I'm trans masc and my pronouns are It-It's or He-Him! (I do perfer the it-its pronouns though)

As a side note,, i do ask that no wolves bought from me are r&c'd. I understand this may be tough but i try my hardest to raise clean, high gen wolves, and it just feels like a hit to the stomach everytime somebody chases them and wipes all of that clean.

☆About Me☆

◇I've been through 7 schools (from moving)!
◇I want to go into a "creative" career, but haven't decided what yet!
◇I'm Wd time +1!

□I have a lovely, and overly spoiled shih-tzu named buddha!
□I also have a goofy saint bernard named nana!
□And a cat, simba, who i affectionately call 'spicy'!

○My favorite color is brown!
○My favorite food is salmon!
○My favorite animals are bearded vultures!

□I love world building, and have a ton of worlds in my head!
□I love roleplaying, and am currently working on a feral wolf rp on my own, that i plan to advertise soon! ;>
□Im always open to 1x1 rps! My rp'ing details can be found below!

○Yes :D
•Any gender x Any gender (Including nonbinary!), Feral, Anthro, Human, power rp, gore, heavy topics, etc.

○No D:
•Excessive use of discrimination of any kind, robot stuff, 'god modding', mary sues, 1 sentence replies

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wardrobe thingy

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Name YesACreativeName🏳️‍⚧️
Pack GoldenMoon pack
Lead Wolf Aodhan
Joined 2021-07-27
Last Active 2024/05/08 16:18:59
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