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Ellimac's Wishlist

This is Ellimac's Wishlist - a list of all the items they desire! If you are feeling generous, you may wish to gift one or more of these items to this member!

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"""Eye's of the seer"""
You're wolf seems to be able to see the future, I wonder what they see. Hm. [Private Decor. Only 5 copies will ever exist]
"A banana!"
Mmm, yummy!
"Adular Flame" Lumen Glow & Eyes
This decor will turn your wolf into a guest from another world!
A Halo from The Forgotten
You feel like you've seen this ethereal creature before... Or maybe you're just imagining things. Either way, you're sure this time you won't forget-... Wait, forget what?
A Halo from The Lost Ones
You feel an odd familiarity when gazing upon this wolf. You've been looking for them, haven't you? Perhaps stay cautious though, it seems a reunion with a Lost One isn't always what you want after all.
Bashful Seraph [Black]
Aw, they're shy! ...Or maybe you aren't supposed to see what's under all those wings? [Eventually making compatible with all poses/mutations]
Bloodstained Front
The result of a successful hunt.
Butt Halo Seems this halo has slipped from your head. How did that happen?
Comfy Duck
A friendly duck has come along for a ride!
Dark Halo
This wolf is not a saint.
Duck companion
You where out exploring when this little fella popped out of the brush, it seems to like you!
Glowing Lunar Fur
Extra long glowing fur to light your way and keep you warm while visiting the Dream Lands.
Golden floppy/crooked ear
One flopped golden ear. Specifically requested for a user in game.
Great Tit
When fed to your breeding male, the next breeding's litter will be entirely female.
Guarana Stash
A guarana problem? I don't have a guarana problem, what are you talking about. I can stop any time I - what are you doing with those? No! Bring them back!