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+DizzyFIzzy+ #119709

Dizzy <3

She/They ll Genderfluid ll ☘️ "Another animal who doesn't care whats killing you"

Adrenaline addict lol

Hey there! I'm Dizzy, your favorite chaotic friend. I go by She/they, doesn't matter which pronouns you use, their fine with me! I love to rp, and I'm usually semi literate but I am a bit rusty atm as it's been awhile, so my responses are shorter. I'm always open for someone to make friends with, the main reason I joined WD lol. I love any genre of music really, but my favorite is def Phonk. It just hits differently. I also love making edits and I absolutely love to draw, it's always a nice stress reliever for me.:)

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Name +DizzyFIzzy+
Pack Zeitgeist
Alpha Sonne
Joined 2023-03-27
Last Active 2023/05/22 18:13:01
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