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π“…©π“…¨ ᡍʳᡉʸ˒ᡒⁿ π“…¨π“…© #117820



I'm active, I think


About Me:

Howdy, my name is Greyson. You can call me Greyson, Grey, or whatever you desire - as long as it isn't hurtful <3 Names I have received before & want to remember: "bird man (#94600)(#128200)" | "bro manz (#12130)" | "grey sun (#17818)"

I'm online everyday, but somedays I'm just lurking in the chat or doing my daily tasks because of limited time throughout the day. I am a college student in social work, so things get hectic sometimes in my schedule. Please give me time if I'm not responding right away for messages, trades, etc.

I am also currently trying to write lore for my pack and wolves, the process has been very long. There is still a lot of organization to be done in the pack so bear with me until then.

a few more facts:

β€’ Pronouns: he/him

β€’ [Aro-Ace]

β€’ I love Mythology, Space-related things, and history

β€’ College student, majoring in social work

β€’ My pack has space-related names

β€’ Hobbies include: photography, art, and writing


Member Information
Name π“…©π“…¨ ᡍʳᡉʸ˒ᡒⁿ π“…¨π“…©
Pack β˜† 𝓒𝓸𝓡π“ͺ𝓻 π“Ÿπ“ͺ𝓬𝓴 β˜†
Lead Wolf Void
Joined 2023-03-06
Last Active 4 hours ago