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Trophy drop adjustments for high level leads

Trophy drop adjustments for high level leads
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the new fox update and ability to craft rare applicators is a lot of fun- however, i've run into a bit of a wall in regards to collecting the trophy items for crafting.

i'd like to preface this by saying that the difficulty of achieving these craftables IS good, and is a fun goal to work towards!

however, there's something that became pretty apparent the more i tried to fight foxes and the more my lead wolf's level raised: when you're too high level, trophy collecting becomes extremely difficult, because suddenly almost EVERY enemy is below your level. 

i've read that trophies can only be earned from enemies that are within 3 levels below your level, and that there's a much higher chance to get a trophy by fighting enemies that are HIGHER level than you, which makes sense! until you're level 20 and there's no longer any enemies higher level than you. :(

i've had no luck in collecting any material for the applicator crafting, and at this rate it would take probably more than a year to get anywhere close on my own, especially since one of the best options right now seems to be "get a new lead so you have a lower level wolf for trophy advantages again"

i'd like to suggest an adjustment for trophy earning because of this, on top of how hard it already is to come across high level foxes in explore.

suggestion for the current system:

adjust the system so that trophies can be earnable from any enemies that are level 10+, and have them drop at a randomized rate across the board.

this would still include a "luck" factor since you aren't always guaranteed a trophy after fighting a level 10+ enemy, but it would help make things feel a lot more balanced for higher level players... which everyone is going to be eventually since we're all fightin foxes now :')

if anyone has any suggestions of their own or thoughts on this, please feel free to share! thank you for reading!


Posted 2020-12-17 13:54:02 /

Support!  What I think could be a reasonable solution would be for trophies to drop at fixed rates increasing with enemy’s level rather than depending on the relationship between your lead’s and the enemy’s level.  This would still give incentive for players to fight higher leveled enemies.


Posted 2020-12-17 20:10:25 /

Definite support! Although then level 10-12 wolves would have to focus on only fighting wolves the same or higher level which can be difficult for newer players.


Posted 2020-12-17 20:27:03 /

Support! This sucks, especially since there's no way to stop your lead from leveling up.
@Magpie, I don't think they are saying that trophies should only be dropped from level 10+, they're saying that enemies above level 10 should drop trophies regardless of player level. This wouldn't affect low level players at all.

dabnis (he/him)

Last edited 2020-12-18 07:03:13 /

I support this idea, because I also have the same problem.

I would also be okay with an alternative solution: increase the (average) level of enemies along with your lead. I have seen wolf encounters go up to level 23, so if that could be the case for other enemies, it could be a possible solution as well.


Posted 2020-12-18 11:40:10 /

I support this idea, because I too, have the exact same problem. I'd love for the trophy system to be clarified as well - right now, we don't know for sure what range trophies drop in. We just seem to have collected evidence that it seems to be in a range above and below the lead's level. I think transparency on this would help people feel less frustrated! There's no real downside to us knowing how trophies drop, I think. 

Additionally or alternatively, I'd like to suggest that they increase the likeliness that your lead wolf will encounter an enemy in their level range. Right now, it's hard for me to even find enemies in my lead's "range", especially when they're of a species that usually is lower level. 

🐌 Naike

Posted 2020-12-18 14:22:24 /

Huge support for something like this!

Changing it so that high level wolves are more likely to encounter high level enemies would also work!

My lead has been level 20 for some time now and I rarely find an enemy worth fighting before the energy bar runs out.. :P


Posted 2020-12-18 23:52:20 /
This is a really good idea! I support changing it to any enemy 10+ level.
🕯 Solusfaust | Muties

Last edited 2020-12-19 00:09:22 /

I so fully agree with this it's ridiculous. I've spent two nights in 8 hour straight grinds since the base was released grinding with 3000+ GC. I've gotten almost 100 +1 stat points and over 100 trophies from various other animals in the last two days with hundreds of uses of Guarana, and not a single red fox trophy. I see an appropriately leveled red fox to fight every 20 or so guarana, IF that. It is so frustrating to see them show up at level 4, 6, 12, and know that I can't get a trophy out of them and then spend 200GC on guarana to find one level 20, and have it drop small meat chunks or 1sc. At the rate I'm going (which is RIDICULOUS and not sustainable), I might not have the base for 6+ months which is very sad when you think of the level 20 leads who don't have the GC to spend on hundreds upon hundreds of guarana. 

I just went back through my userlog and did the math - I've used 282 Guarana since the fox items were released, I've found 16 Red Fox's that are of the level range I can get trophies for, and I've received 0 tails and 0 pelts and 0 skulls out of those kills.


Posted 2020-12-19 00:02:38 /

OMG full support! Grinding for trophies should not get HARDER at HIGHER levels, it makes absolutely no sense. And while I absolutely agree that the difficulty in attaining the items for the base app is a good thing and don't expect to be just handed a trophy after every battle, it is incredibly frustrating to have a higher level lead and far fewer options to even attempt to get trophies in the first place, especially when most of the foxes I run into have been level 10 or below.