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🐌 Naike #21019

it's me, naike!

Β Member of the Grouse House!

She/her pronouns | 26 years old | EST (2 hours ahead of Wolvden)

I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, so please be patient with me. β™₯ If you PM me and I read it and I never responded, feel free to prod me gently because I’ve been a bit absentminded lately. I definitely don’t intend to ignore anyone! That being said, I may be slow to respond to PM’s or forum posts.

I'm basically just a goofy goober. I try not to take myself too seriously, so I name my wolves the first silly name that comes to mind so I can have a good smile when I'm checking up on them at 6AM before work.

My gf is Soephie (#21505)!

Open to PM’s, but I will not accept random friend requests. :)

Member Information
Name 🐌 Naike
Pack Shivering Isles
King Elismir
Joined 2020-10-22
Last Active 4 hours ago
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