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Haike #37850

Haike | She/her | 20s 

Read my pack log why dontcha 88v88

Love talking to people! Don't shy when sending friend requests, PMs, etc. :))

High Priority Goals:

Breed Bases: Maltese (Cool Medium II), Isabel (Muted Light II), Cocoa (Muted Dark II), Arkose (Warm Light II)

Long Term Goals:

Breed Bases: Mojave, Wulfenite


TI Breed only bases: 

Shell (Muted Light I), Willow (Muted Medium I), Chestnut (Muted Dark I)

Tumbleweed (Warm Light I), Brass (Warm Medium I), Henna (Warm Dark I)

Quartz (Monochrome Light I), Grey Lighter (Monochrome Medium I), Grey Darker (Monochrome Dark I)

TII Breed only bases:

Lavender (Cool Light II), Maltese (Cool Medium II), Denim (Cool Dark II)

Isabel (Muted Light II), Peach (Muted Light II), Antler (Muted Medium II), Blonde (Muted Medium II), Cocoa (Muted Dark II), Sepia (Muted Dark II)

Arkose (Warm Light II), Jacinthe (Warm Light II), Doubloon (Warm Medium II), Saffron (Warm Medium II), Auburn (Warm Dark II), Sarder (Warm Dark II)

Melchior (Monochrome Light II), Titanium (Monochrome Light II), Rime (Monochrome Light II), Acanthite (Monochrome Medium II), Silver (Monochrome Medium II), Steele (Monochrome Medium II), Obsidian (Monochrome Dark II), Sphalerite (Monochrome Dark II),  

TIII Breed only bases:

Opal (Cool Light III), Grulla (Cool Medium III), Serpentine (Cool Dark III)

Teardrop (Muted Light III), Zircon (Muted LIght III), Lily (Muted Medium III), Pearl (Muted Medium III), Seal (Muted Dark III), Bronze (Muted Dark III)

Piasa (Warm Light III), Tombac (Warm Light III), Mojave (Warm Medium III), Wulfenite (Warm Medium III), Pyrope (Warm Dark III), Realgar (Warm Dark III)

Argent (Monochrome Light III), Chromium (Monochrome Light III), Striped Flint (Monochrome Medium III), Flint (Monochrome Medium III), Iridium (Monochrome Dark III), Slate (Monochrome Dark III)

I + I100% I
I + II90% I, 10% II
I + III74% I, 25% II, 1% III
II + II60% I, 40% II
II + III49% I, 50% II, 2.5% III
III + III50% I, 40% II, 10% III
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Member Information
Name Haike
Pack Shiawase Clans
Alpha Rupina
Joined 2021-02-01
Last Active 2021/06/10 11:06:29
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