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☀ Shiawase Pack | Lore and Progress Log ☀

☀ Shiawase Pack | Lore and Progress Log ☀
Posted 2021-02-12 17:40:37 (edited)

Inspired by 🏴〰Nҽʅƚԋყҽɳ〰🏴 's Fierce Grace pack log in this same subforum :)

I read through the entire thing in three days and, since I'm still relatively new, I wanted to have a memory of what goes down here for myself! Plus, who doesn't love an exercise in imagination every once in a while? 

I might not update daily, but I'll try to note down the important stuff and make it fun for any would-be readers. I live to entertain 🤠

If you wish to comment on this project or interact with me, please do so through private messages. I'd love to hear from you, but I'd also like to keep the thread as clean as possible! Thanks :)


Posted 2021-02-12 18:02:54 (edited)

Let's get caught up first!

Day 1

Shiawase Clans founded 2/1/2021 by lead wolf Rupina, a very young and uncomfortably rigid wolf. She brings with her Arphid, a male she met on the journey to the Deciduous forest where she chose to lay down roots. 

- Arphid is aloof, which neither complements nor clashes with Rupina's dutiful personality. Their partnership is perfect for the time being. Rupina took up lead wolf duties, exploring the surrounding areas in search of scraps, gems, and prospective partners. Arphid began scouting the edges of their established territory. 

- During her brief forays into the surrounding forest, she stumbled upon four lone wolves, inviting them to their pack with promises of wealth and splendor. Despite her vast expectations of the clan, they weren't quite there yet... nevertheless, these wolves ended up joining Shiawase, whether it be for Rupina's extravagant promises or just to laugh at her. 

Alien on the Wall, Golden Dove, Lucy, and Bairdotr joined Shiawase Clan

- Rupina experiences immaculate conception! Except the father is Arphid and it was not immaculate at all, just rather speedy and mystical. So mystical and speedy, in fact, that within 30 minutes of conception, two lovely babies, Shoof and Terrine, popped out of their mother's belly in a way similar to that of Athena popping out of Zeus's skull (or something)

- One of the new members, Bairdotr, takes up the nursing role, while the remainder form a hunting party

- The hunting party is called the Sunstone Party

Day 2

- Arphid works on scouting the mountains 

- Rupina meets Robot the wolf on one of her explorations. They have a rough first meeting (and second meeting, and subsequent meetings), but Rupina is fascinated by his colorful markings. Up till now, she'd only seen markings like that on herself and Arphid.

- Robot is assigned to hunting duties. He doesn't work well with others, despite the fact he is a chaser. Bad boy

- A little later, a snowy pup is discovered lost during a hunt. He's very young, and from the goading of the other wolves in the hunting party, Robot begrudgingly takes him home. He is bright, strong, and full of questions: a complete nightmare for a pup-hating grandpa like Robot. He roughly dumps the pup back at camp, but the little guy was already quite smitten with the grumpy wolf.

- Arphid was uncharacteristically amused to hear the story of the little wolf's joining. He gives him the name "Anodyne" and barks a laugh

- Arphid keeps an eye out for the motherless pup when he can. Bairdotr takes care of him for now.

Day 3

- The hunting party really gets along terribly, in no small thanks to Robot. But he's gotta stay and rake up bread for the new baby

- Rupina realizes they need more help for the hunting party and perhaps to move some wolves around. She scouts the first wolf she comes across during her expedition, Larmouche. She feels an unfamiliar sense of urgency now that the pack is steadily growing. Time to crack down on some rules... eventually

- Despite the fact that they mesh like parallel lines, Arphid and Rupina do come from the same background. So, when they see a blood-red wolf being sold off from a neighboring pack for being inauspicious, they immediately dish out the cones. Their mystical paws are tingling.

- The pup is named Maagwi after their trickster god, but he's such a little bundle of joy that the name hardly fits him


Posted 2021-02-12 21:56:06 (edited)

Day 4

- Bairdotr is thoroughly disenchanted with the pack's progress. She doesn't even like pups that much, but she was put in charge of two noble brats, plus a random straggler from another pack. If she was to look after any pups, they were going to be her own! Except there were no worthy suitors in this hole in the ground. She had to go.

- Bairdotr runs off in the dead of night. Bye I guess.

- The next morning, Rupina notices her absence. She huffs. What a miserable she-wolf. She checks on the pups briefly before going off in search of new help. 

- New help comes in quads! Fhionne, Ruelle, Polyantha, and Extotia join Shiawase.

- Fhionne is an incredibly soft soul with the unfortunate fate of being born with black eyes. The clan finds her a bit eerie due to her dead stare, but she doesn't mind solitude that much. She was put in charge of the pups after Bairdotr's desertion. She loves the role

- Ruelle and Polyantha join the Sunstone Party, Ruelle as a finisher and Polyantha as a chaser.

- Extotia, given her personality, was assigned to herbalist work. Thank heavens.

Day 5

- An illuminated wolf is found in the mountains during one of Rupina's routine expeditions. He shines like the sun. Rupina is immediately infatuated with the air around this he-wolf.

- Rupina drags him home with her and professes he will bring great fortune to the pack.

- He is named Komorebi

Day 6

- The pack's worries (namely Rupina's) are only growing with winter right around the corner. They decide it's time for a move to higher ground so the pack is more defensible, still being in the early and weak stages of their development.

- A move to the mountains is inevitable. Arphid goes scouting for a good and secluded spot to put down their roots. They chose a spot in a craggy region next to a mountain stream. The hike down to the grasslands and forests is formidable, but still doable, and the game in this region is lush during the winter. 


Posted 2021-02-12 21:56:27 (edited)

Day 9

- With the increase of mouths to feed and attractive wolves to pick at, the true cruelty of the pack starts to surface. See the underbelly of Rupina's wild ambitions: Lucy and Golden Dove are sold off to other packs. For money

- They've had it good for too long.

- The pack sends them off with a travel poem written by Fhionne.

- There's great upset in the hunting party, as they had all grown quite close. Robot, despite his constant quarrels with the other members, seems to be taking it the worst. 

Day 10

Bela and Skaen are welcomed from other packs. Some whisper about them, calling them "the replacements". Its Robot doing the whispering

- Ruelle bred to a male from a faraway pack named Amias. She looks back fondly on the union as a romantic fling

- Larmouche is punted out of the pack for drawing something vulgar on Arphid while he was sleeping

Poe joins for a measly 1 SC!! This gorgeous boy

Day 11

- Skaen joins the ranks of the scouts. Arphid is his senior. Hopefully, this confident boy doesn't step on any toes, even if he does happen to be better at his job than Arphid...

- Rupina is getting more formidable. Despite how naive she still is, she's started taking Arphid's council seriously (and the pack seems to appreciate it)

- Extotia finally cures her own 3-day-old cough!


Posted 2021-02-13 10:29:08 (edited)

Day 13

- We are all caught up now!! Only a few skipped days cause of my shitty memory. Updates are likely to be less formal :)

- We've been noticed and called out by the OG 🥺🥺 my eyes are watery af. I love you Nelthyen I would die for you 🤧

- Shoof and Terrine have aged into adols and wowie was that a pleasant surprise. I thought Shoof was the easy favorite, what with him looking so much like his mom, but I'm vv into whatever Terrine's got going on.

- Today's the last day to get Extotia hitched. What should I do for this selfish lady? She's not longer got a cough so I could safely breed her but... hrummp

- Robot blows it again. Big surprise. He is quite universally hated in the hunting party, but Rupina welcomes the conflict to build character. Or something.

- Oh whats this? Extotia and Tyka had a secret rendevous? 😳🥀

- Ugh where is my self-control? If I sit and monitor the trading center for an hour what do I think is gonna happen?? I WON'T leave with 5 new pups???

- Ahem, in the lore-friendliest way, behold: Lady Naadirr! A dedicated wolf with a foxy mind to match her eyes! The pack really does not do well with change... I wonder how she'll fit in ehehe

- This is coming right off the back of finding a new worthy lone wolf: [redacted]! His unique fur coating intrigued our foolish Rupina, who is a purveyor of unique beauty herself. The wolf agrees to stay for a while, but how long is unknown. He keeps his distance from the other wolves and observes the inner workings of the pack in an eerily greedy fashion. Let's hope its for anthropological purposes and not something more sinister

Update on roles and levels:

Lead wolf: Rupina (lvl 8)

Scouts: Arphid (lvl 8, prof 70), Skaen (lvl 5, prof 13)

Sunstone Party Hunters: Alien on the Wall (lvl 7, prof stalker 97), Bela (lvl 3, prof chaser 11), Polyantha (lvl 6, prof chaser 34, prof finisher 10), Robot (lvl 6 prof chaser 90), Ruelle (lvl 7, prof finisher 82) | Synergy: 49%

Ruelle temp. out for nesting :)

Half-Moon Party Hunters: Komorebi (lvl 3, prof stalking 8)

Komo all by his lonesome till some adols grow up :)

Pupsitter: Fhionne (lvl 4, prof 49)

Herbalist: Extotia (lvl 5, prof 37)

Discovered areas:

Mountains, Grasslands, Deciduous Forest, Riparian Woodland, Prarie, Coniferous Forest.

Arphid scouting the Desert

Skaen scouting the Taiga

Currently housed in the Mountains


- Poison Tree - grown wolves with roles

- Quarantine Cave - for quarantining bad wolves

- Serpent Skirt - pups, adols, and wolves without roles


Posted 2021-02-14 11:11:22 (edited)

Day 14 - 2/14/2021

Happy Valemtimes you lovely folks! I hope you all have a fantastic day regardless of whether or not you have a partner. I picked this just for you on this day:

happy folks jams 


Now back to Shiawase for the drama:

- Ruelle is giving birth in the next rollover! I honestly have no idea how the pups are gonna turn out.

- I really need to customize Arphid. I cannot stand looking at him anymore. My heart loves him but my eyes do not. By the time I finished customizing Rupina the first time and they told me I needed to do it for ANOTHER wolf I was like... uh okay lol. But look where that's gotten me :( I'll try for some scries today -- perhaps something like this?

- I wanna write some more lore today since I have the free time, but I think I'll also put a tl;dr after it for those who wanna keep up but don't wanna read huge blocks of text

- I had some chaotic thoughts yesterday about potential pack ideas mainly focusing around Rupina lol. They just kept getting more and more outlandish and culminated with her being a totalitarian tyrant with a whole harem on her back. Let's take it down a notch haike... 

- but fr the track did make sense in my head. She's a foolish young girl with an ambitious heart that exceeds her own capabilities. Dutiful and foolish doesn't make a good combination, so of course she'd need to employ outside help such as Arphid and other handsome young males. Yeah, she's also got a fatal lust for beautiful things. What other outcome could there be?

- Villany!! Big man had malicious intent after all!

- ugh BIG idiot moments happening over here;;; first of all, I discovered I misgendered two of my wolves from the last post when it clearly marks their gender on their page?? Naaddir is a male wolf and the NBW was a female. ahaha okay nice one!! Second idiot moment was not buying the wolf in the TC when I had the chance. Here is his gorgeousness in case he ever gets deleted. Look and mourn haike you moron

- another NBW wandered in as if to ease my hurting heart. Look at this piece. Still debating keeping/selling him. He is quite old, but I'm not sure. I'm a sucker for this type of wolf


Posted 2021-02-14 16:16:07 (edited)

Post for character sketches!

Rupina: Dutiful

She is still quite young and naive atm. I assume she would often put her heart/ambitions before her head, but tries as best she can to be a good leader for the pack. She had grand ambitions, too, which makes it all the more difficult to reign her in when she gets ideas in her head. She means the best, though, and always immediately tries to right her wrongs. Most of her time is spent dreaming and lusting over the pack's future, while the rest of the time is spent worrying about getting there and the current state of the pack. She really loves beautiful and unique things.

Arphid: Aloof

He is Rupina's voice of reason, having been forced into the role after seeing how destructive Rupina's ambitions have the potential to be. He is quite neutral to her at the moment. They have two pups, Shoof and Terrine, and both of them are very fond of them. They've grown slightly closer because of their dual parenting. Arphid doesn't have special feelings towards anyone else in the pack, but he does keep a watchful eye over Anodyne.

Arphid is closest to Rupina as of writing. They have pups together and come from the same background, so they understand each other best. They share their views on mysticism, which is foreign to most of the joining pack members.

Alien on the Wall: Scatterbrained

The oldest remaining member of the pack save for the two founders. He has a presence that has the ability to soften the wolves around him. He's an incredibly friendly wolf, but his age and experience causes an inherent disconnect. He serves as another advisor to Rupina. Where Arphid is the rigid hardass, Alien is the coaxing mother. They are the pillars of the pack

Robot: Selfish

Robot is the curmudgeonly old man of the pack. Although Alien is actually far older than him, Robot takes the cake with his pickiness and entitlement. He's a part of the Sunstone hunting party, which was the first one created. He is the only aggressive personality on the team and constantly clashes with his teammates. There are complaints filed against him every half-moon, but Rupina either doesn't care or plays obvious favorites. 

Although he has an abrasive personality, he gets very attached to the wolves in his circle. He doesn't do well with change. Whenever new wolves are admitted or old wolves are retired/leave, Robot always takes it the hardest.

Anodyne: Observant

This pup was one of the first adopted into the pack. He was gorgeous and unique enough to catch Rupina's eye, but he was an unwanted pup in his old pack and found himself on his own at a very early age. Due to that, he developed spectacular people-reading abilities. On the plus side, this made him incredibly friendly and he managed to get along with nearly anybody. The only negative aspect was that it ignited the manipulative spark that came with his observant personality. Whether he means for it or not, he often uses his charms to get what he wants. 


Posted 2021-02-14 16:30:21 (edited)

Character sketches cont.

Maagwi: Helpful

Maagwi was I think the first wolf brought into the pack that wasn't a NBW? His presence is contentious among the other wolves, as his red markings differ so much that many see him as an unnatural existence. Rupina and Arphid, however, see this as a blessing rather than a curse. The pack they came from put great value in the markings on one's coat and even used it to determine one's role in the pack. Red markings denote high divination abilities. Rupina dumped him in a cave with divining pot and told him to have at it, but Maagwi doesn't 100% understand what's expected of him.

He copes with the rough welcome in his own way. So far, because he doesn't have a role assigned to him, he's been helping out wherever he can to earn brownie points and hopefully be accepted. He's a trooper.

He was the first one to determine that the NBW had malicious intent!

Fhionne: Amiable

Fhionne dealt with discrimination as well due to her black eyes. She meets scorn with a smile, ever the long-suffering sweetheart. Most people prefer not to meet her eyes because they find them unnerving. She finds solace in her pups, as they tend to have no fear of her. She helped raise Shoof and Terrine, and is currently looking after Ruelle's litter, Cupra and Frenesi. She's smitten with Rupina's two pups and they with her.

(Alien on the Wall finds her lovely but is too shy to approach her)

Ruelle: Dishonest

Ruelle's the star finisher in the Sunstone party. She's well-liked in the pack, but has one problematic trait: she's a compulsive liar. Most of the time, they are just harmless white lies, so she doesn't normally ruffle any feathers. Robot dislikes her greatly cause he's pretty no-nonsense, but the others tend to just humor her delusions. Rupina thinks she's neat.

Polyantha: Adventurous

Polyantha is the Sunstone party's chaser. She absolutely loves scouting out new areas in their hunt, but sometimes that means getting sidetracked and losing their prey. She would much prefer to be a scout, but Arphid wasn't willing to take her under his wing because he found mentorship to be troublesome. Polyantha admires him greatly. She's got a red-tinged coat like Maagwi, but doesn't meet the same scorn because hers is rose-tinted, and her bubbly personality already won over her packmates. Even so, she tends to look out for the younger wolf and takes good care of him when she's not on hunts. She has sort of adopted after missing the pups she had in her old pack. She still thinks of them, but Maagwi has filled the void for her with his lovely and doting behavior. 

Extotia: Selfish

Extotia puts the super is superstitious. She is SUPERstitious. She prefers to keep to herself and has a massive chip on her shoulder towards anything out of the ordinary. Nobody really knows where she came from and nobody asks because she spends all her time with Herbert researching new medicines and looking for herbs. Although she's an integral part of the pack due to her vital role, there is a lot to be discovered. 

She wandered off one day and got pregnant to Tyka. For what reason? Who knows. After she informed Rupina of her pregnancy she assured her that she would take all responsibility for the pups and wandered off. Everyone was pretty pissed, but Extotia didn't care. No sense undoing what's already been done.


Posted 2021-02-14 16:31:45 (edited)

Character sketches cont.

Komorebi: Confident

Komorebi loves the attention. His coat glistens like gold and he knows it and shows it off whenever he can. He's got kind of an exalted status among the pack that makes him a minor celebrity, but that doesn't excuse him from work. He's on the hunting B-Team for now, alone. 

Skaen: Confident

Skaen is a bit more low-key. He keeps to himself for the most part, but has gotten quite close with Arphid after they've been scouting together for so long. Arphid respects him because he's capable, and Skaen respects Arphid because of his proficiency at dealing with the pack members (and specifically Rupina). He likes Rupina, but finds her a bit eccentric at times. Arphid and Skaen often relax together after long scouts and share details and information with each other. 

He's a catch and he knows it, but he isn't an active flirt. He's not very good at dealing with she-wolves (or wolves in general) but his best friend, Bela, makes up for it by being an excellent wingman and situation diffuser. He's got his eye on Fhionne but doesn't know how to make a move.

Bela: Adventurous 

Bela is an active hunter and busybody when it comes to work. He always needs to be doing something, so when he's not hunting, he's generally scouting the outskirts of the territory and removing any threats (snake dens, minor predators) before they become a bigger issue. He's friendly and generally well-liked within the pack. Many see him as the pack's most desirable bachelor, but his standards for a mate are too great. 

In reality, he's only got eyes for Rupina, but she's oblivious to his advances and could care less for his affections. Maybe after they've made a name for themselves, but only time will tell.

Poe: Combative

Poe is still but a pup, yet he's already making waves in the clan. Arphid was pleased with his capability and relayed his surprise to Rupina, so Rupina's paying close attention to how he develops. The only problem is, he's always looking for a fight. He doesn't have an equal in the pack in terms of his ability, so every time he gets into a fight, it is always a one-sided slaughter. He and Naadirr get into it the worst, but no one escapes his wrath when he's in a mood. He got into a bad fight with Shoof once after he had handled his sister, Terrine, a little too rough during training. He had to drag himself to Extotia for healing afterwards. 

Rupina personally saw to Poe's punishment after that because, while they weren't that close, those were still her babies. The pack is still hoping this is a teenage phase that he'll grow out of.

Naadirr: Dedicated

Naadirr was another promising pup that Rupina brought in. He's flown under the radar for the most part, but sincerely dedicates himself to training. Perhaps it was this eagerness that irked Poe? Needless to say, they've been enemies since Naadirr stepped foot in the Serpent Skirt. 


Posted 2021-02-14 16:35:29

Character sketches cont.