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RizuChan 🌺 #39456

🌕 The Ashen Cypress Legacy 🌕

Curious about the origins and history of the Ashen Cypress pack? Perhaps you've heard rumors of their original founder, a coywolf named Talayazhi, or maybe you're wondering who's the current Moon leading the pack now? Look no further then and simply follow the link above, a collection of stories is available and waiting for your eyes to devour each word as your mind projects a visualization that allows the tale to unfold once more.

If you haven't noticed yet I'm an old fan of the Warriors series, and as a writer I cannot deny the heavy influence it has on my current story telling for the Ashen Cypress Legacy. Similarities will be easily evident as you read, though I have tried my best to blend them into the Wolvden universe. I hope this legacy is enjoyable for others to read as it has been for me to write. 🥰

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About the Writer
Just another millennial soul drifting through life who recently decided to branch out into the coding and programming world in hopes of better career opportunities... also a nerd that's been into roleplaying since her early teens, molded by the RP boards in good ol' classic Neopets. 📚

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Name RizuChan 🌺
Pack Ashen Cypress
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