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Morbid #86206

Morbid // She/her // #86206

Click here to read my pack's lore & rules!

Art of Varo and Ella by Srinyx#244.

About me

Hi! I'm Morbid!
I'm still a bit new here on Wolvden but I've quickly learned the ropes and really helped my wolf pack flourish recently. I've even started a few breeding projects like mutation breeding(mostly melanism and hereditary cataracts) and I've even started to focus on breeding for stats and do combo marking breeding. I also really enjoy writing lore despite being a bit of a new writer. If you'd like to check out some of the stuff I've written, feel free to read the lore in Ella's bio and Varogathe's bio. Both have their own perspective on similar events and I honestly love those two dearly. Aside from in-game stuff, I love watching/listening to Tabletop RPGs like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone as well! :)

Additionally, I'm the proud owner of Seldras who is my Hereditary Cataracts Mutie & Melanism Carrier stud.

But, that's about it for me! I hope you folks have a wonderful day.

Little things about me:
- I'm 2 Hours ahead of WD Time.
- I use Dragon Age Elvish to name all of my wolves.
- I love using scars to decorate my wolves!
- Note to self: Stop buying/adopting wolves. I've got more than enough. Lol
- My den/profile code can be found here.
- Please don't send me random friend requests if we've never spoken before!

Games I'm Currently Playing:
- Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
(I'm super excited for this game and currently playing it every chance I get. LOL)

Pack Alliances

I'm actively seeking some pack alliances for my Alhavenlan Pack! I'm mostly interested in high stat wolves that have monochrome bases who are also the same generation as my alpha and around the same age as them. A natural appearance is also preferred but not necessary. Wolves that meet this criteria will become mates for my future alphas.

I'd be willing to trade other leveled wolves or other pack members of mine if your own pack is in need of new blood. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss it in more depth! I've never done a pack alliance before so this will be a first for me. Lol

Current Pack Alliances:
- Chantaey's Greyfeather Pack

My Goals

- Breed a Deaf puppy.
- Breed an Albino puppy.
- Find a Hereditary Cataracts Carrier NBW.
[Done] Breed a Spontaneous Blind puppy.
[Done] Breed a Piebald puppy. Elgadir is my first one!
[Done] Breed a Bronze puppy.
[Done] Breed a Melanism puppy.
[Done] Breed a Hereditary Cataracts puppy. Naema and Thelhen are my first two!

Helpful Links

Herb Map
Tala's Archive
Game Help Board
HTML Help Board
Visual Battle Chart
Visual Personality Guide
Wolvden Abbreviation Guide
Grouse House Guide Directory
Illness Chart by Skuddle
Befriending Chart


Icon Art of Ithelan by Snafu#1009.

Icon Art of Ithelan by Kei.nairi#109360.

Icon Art of Ithelan by Kei.nairi#109360.

Art of Ella by Srinyx#244.

Art of Ella by Srinyx#244.

Art of Seldras by Srinyx#244.

Art of Varogathe by Srinyx#244.

Art of Varogathe by Srinyx#244.

Code by #86206

Art done by Vana#64903!

Member Information
Name Morbid
Pack Alhavenlan Pack
Lead Wolf Ella
Joined 2022-09-03
Last Active 12 hours ago
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