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can wolves with conflicting personalities have over 1 relationship? vulpesvulpes413spotpc replied 1 day ago1
stats to explore in the glacier? lööpsspotpc replied 1 day ago1
Breeding question ŌkamiŌkami replied 1 day ago4
How to Befriend 10 members of your pack? Ryuukokoro🍇 Uva 🍇 replied 1 day ago1
Comms for Donations? laikapupsrαıdεη replied 2 days ago1
Can i move the pack leader to a cave?? jellyjynxjellyjynx replied 2 days ago4
Answered: Pupsitters and 100% Survival Rate YmirGl1tch_N_Ch1ll replied 2 days ago8
Wolf Den Limit ArrowUnidentified replied 2 days ago3
Why can't we have multiple accounts? Doodledog (chatfriend)spotpc replied 5 days ago3
Energy not regenerating when task is done? Pheobe 💕spotpc replied 5 days ago7
How to post a gif in a profile CrimsonBloodCrimsonBlood posted 6 days ago0
I can’t add an image to my stud posts??? Akila2022🍇 Uva 🍇 replied 6 days ago1
Which stats are best for every role? VeronahRavenstar bumped 1 week ago6
Need help with catching up - markings etc ⚜️Serotoniinal80798 replied 2024-05-20 14:31:053
Lead Wolf/Decor Usage Question Rowanal80798 replied 2024-05-20 14:11:331
How to put images on here? Mobile User 😔 TorahTorah replied 2024-05-20 12:09:332
pup stages wont work MockingjayRisingMustang 🐎 replied 2024-05-19 10:16:012
Sold a wolf. Now the wolf isn't in the game? ryn_VelocityRain replied 2024-05-18 21:00:525
Trouble Changing my PFP 🪻🌙Moon🌙🪻Ravenstar replied 2024-05-18 18:43:005
Is there a way to set a decoration behind a wolf? NabbitNabbit posted 2024-05-17 09:38:270
Tutor OR mentor Spiritkat |average moth enjoyer replied 2024-05-15 08:57:167
Pack Life Talent TikrekinsTikrekins replied 2024-05-14 23:53:483
Cows in the glacier..? wolftofuspotpc replied 2024-05-13 05:43:402
[answered] Pose Sentinel recipe? SovereignFivesArtic bumped 2024-05-10 14:47:234
How do I increase HP? AnimalOddityAnimalOddity replied 2024-05-03 13:26:512