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Srinyx #244


❈ Srinyx | Any pronouns | 24 | UK | +8 WD ❈

Howdy! My name's Srinyx, I'm an active player and can be found online regularly.

I'm a clean/NIB breeder, focused on breeding for role-specific stats and building lore. I've recently reset with NBW's, and I'm working on getting lore written up for them!

Feel free to message me for any reason, whether that be art enquiries, wolf enquiries, or just general chatter!

Addicted to gene testing NBWs and using RMAs. You can enable me by supporting my art through my YWH Shop or Art Shop

I don't generally accept random friend requests.

Please be patient if you're waiting for a message from me - I work full time, and often do not have the time or energy to respond. If you can see that I've been online and have read your message, I'm not ignoring/ghosting you! I'll get back you you when I can <3


Lioden - 156403
Discord - Srinyx#0763

Art Shop - LINK

LF Thread - LINK
Lore Generators - LINK
Member Information
Name Srinyx
Pack Tide's Reach
Leader Torlan
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 37 minutes ago
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