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Srinyx #244

❈ Srinyx | She/they | 22 | UK | +7 LD ❈
Lioden - 156403


Howdy! My name's Srinyx, I'm an active player and can be found online regularly.

I'm a clean/NIB breeder, currently focused on breeding for role-specific stats.

Any wolves lablled with "SELL" are going to be sold - If you're interested in one and they're not on the TC yet, shoot me a message!

Please be patient if you're waiting for a message from me - I work full time, and often do not have the time or energy to respond. If you can see that I've been online and have read your message, I'm not ignoring/ghosting you! I'll get back you you when I can <3

Member Information
Name Srinyx
Pack Pont-y-Rhedyn
Leader Arianwen
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 1 hour ago
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