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·˖˚ Rainii ˚˖· #20486

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| About Me

Hello! Call me Raini. I'm your average introverted digital artist and animal enthusiast. I have a strong obsession with vulture culture/taxidermy as well as zoology/veterinary medicine!
- she/her - ⛧

I breed monochromes, specifically realistics and Arctic wolves. I like to breed raffle eyes and piebalds, too.

I'm also a R&C member! I have chased over 350 wolves, and found 13 T3 NBWs (Striped Flint, Teardrop, Piasa, 2 Bronzes, 2 Seals, Pearl, 2 Zircons, Flint, Corundum, Blueschist)

Friend Requests are always on auto-accept!

Please do not DM me trying to sell wolves to me unless I've given explicit permission (trading center, forums, etc.) Likewise, do not ask if any of my wolves that aren't in my sales cave/already in a trade are for sale. You will be ignored/blocked.

Also, please do not beg for any items or currency. It sucks that I have to put this on my profile, but it is against the CoC and I will not hesitate to report anyone who begs.


  • Collect every trophy in the game (136/160)

  • Collect 250,000 (200k/250k)

  • Collect 1500 (1000/1500)
  • Breed a T3 Piebald

  • Obtain a wolf with a random lethal mutation

Member Information
Name ·˖˚ Rainii ˚˖·
Pack Spirits of Silvertip
Pack Leader Arrluk
Joined 2020-10-22
Last Active 29 minutes ago
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