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♥Tappi⊙ka (chatrat 🐀) #20486



Total Wolves Chased: 54!
Icon by FloofyFox2008 on Scratch.

Decor Crafting Services

I can craft any decor you want, as long as I have the recipe and you have the items! Check out this thread if you're interested!

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I keep a lil' "diary" of the trophies I collect! You can find it here!


Call me Tappi! I'm just your average asexual-biromantic introvert. My pronouns are she/her or they/them! I love big cats, wolves, drawing, and going for hikes and bike rides! Auto-Accept is on!

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Name ♥Tappi⊙ka (chatrat 🐀)
Pack Winter Blossoms
Alpha ❄️Black Ice❄️
Joined 2020-10-22
Last Active 8 hours ago
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