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mercurie #35270

Hi, I'm Merc (they/them). I'm 23 years old & I'm from Massachusetts.
Welcome to Morrigan Manor, home of the Monarchs of Morrigan!

Art by Spinosaurus #14144

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I don't accept random friend requests, but I always respond to messages and am happy to add you as a friend after we've chatted a bit. If you're new to WD and looking for some advice/resources, or if you are having a food emergency, I am happy to help. Just shoot me a message :D

Trade Info

What kinds of things do I sell? Bulk food, amusement, den materials, and herbs. NIB low-gen T2/T3/T* wolves (usually unbred yearlings with gorgeous markings). Occasionally, I also sell GC, trophies, applicators & other odds and ends. If you're interested in buying any of these items from me but don't see any listed, shoot me a message.

What kinds of things do I buy? I'm currently looking for VLF & ELF females (must be NIB G5 or lower - no T1s). Also seeking G1-G2 monochrome females (no T1s).

About Morrigan Manor

I'm primarily a beauty breeder working towards breeding specific T3/T* bases and rare markings. I'm a clean breeder. I'm also interested in collecting/breeding certain lethal mutations.

Breeding Projects

  • Mutie Project: Breeding very low fertility females in the hopes of creating random mutations

I try to always be kind & helpful, and keep the vibes positive when it comes to my Wolvden experience. I do have some mental health concerns - therefore I find it best if I avoid conflict and drama on these types of games. I've gone through some unfortunate stuff with other players on other games, and just don't wish to be a part of those toxic communities anymore. So for that reason, I do tend to block folks who I don't wish to interact with. It's just a personal preference of mine. Thanks for understanding
Member Information
Name mercurie
Pack Monarchs of Morrigan
Lead Wolf ℳ❧ Selühe's Borealis
Joined 2021-01-02
Last Active 48 minutes ago
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