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Sneep #20313

Generally logging on every few days! ^^
Gifting Wishlist!
- RMAS!!!!
- Marking Removers
- Romantic Personality Changer
- Healing Salves or Dandelions & Charcoal
- Nesting Material
- Lucky Feet
- Guarana
- Feathers
- Currency is almost always appreciated, but not if it hurts you to part with it!

If you're feeling SUPER kind
- Medium and Dark Base Apps
- Total Shuffle
- Shimmer/Shadow Marking Apps
- Airglow marking app
- Any eye crafting recipes
- Any eye applicators

7 years, 2 months is last day of fertility! A heat will end after this age!

Mist-eyes had left her old territory far behind her after the death of her sister, Snow (Soft Mountain Snow). They had been the last remaining members of their ancient pack after the illness swept through. They had left when the distemper began at the urging of their father. He had been a skilled herbalist, and he knew hope could not be held for the fate of those who remained. They and a select few others, including their mother, who had not been in contact with the infected, left the valley and took refuge in the mountains. Before they even arrived, however, members of their group began to fall ill. Again ushered away, this time by their mother, the sisters hunted for the ill groups and left the prey at a distant border. After a few moon cycles of this, with less and less food needed every week, the pack's beta greeted them with the bad news. Their father had finally succumbed to the illness, and their mother had returned to lay with him in his final moments and join him on the other side soon after. Furious and devastated and with no one left to lose, the sisters fled through the mountain range, far beyond where any in their pack had been. Snow was insistent on continuing their parent's legacy in a different land and starting a new pack from the bonds of their sisterhood, but Mist-eyes was full of resentment toward her parents and pack and the helplessness she had felt watching them die. She far preferred life with Snow, and would have happily spent the rest of her life with her sister, finding mates together and rearing small families side-by-side. When Snow died in a bear attack, though, Mist-eyes isolated herself entirely, traveling as a lone wolf and avoiding personal connections desperately. The longer she travelled in this way, however, the more distance she felt between herself and the spirit of her sister. When she came upon a misty forest of huge oak trees and met Nightingale, a wolf who reminded her of those she left behind, she realized what she had to do to honor her family's legacy and the Mist Woods Pack was born.

Mist-eyes: Misted Sight

Snow: Soft Mountain Snow

Member Information
Name Sneep
Pack Mist Wood Pack
Lead Wolf Mist-eyes
Joined 2020-10-21
Last Active 2023/12/27 16:41:32
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