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Nixie [Rolling 1-2/Week] #128292

Hi, and welcome!

Feel free to call me Nix if that is preferred. Pronouns are She/her.

Any wolves in my Trade Hall are up for sale/offers, even if they not in a specific trade. Happy to be DM'd

Melis Arder drawn by the awesome HIRV (#5285)!

Main Goals
  • Befriend my first NBW [X] Achieved on 05Oct2023 - Auburn T2 w/7 Markings
  • Breed my first T3 [X] Achieved on 02Nov2023 - Hornfels T3 w/7 Markings
  • Breed really pretty/high-stat Monochrome Mediums and Monochrome Darks [ ]

Side/Future Project
  • Breed Warm Darks [ ]
Ideally, breeding a combination of high-stat and natural-looking wolves would be awesome!

I'll eventually get around to coding a nice profile display, but this will have to do for now...
Member Information
Name Nixie [Rolling 1-2/Week]
Pack Farseeker Pack
Alpha Elvira, de Lumentis
Joined 2023-09-15
Last Active 2024/02/27 00:16:52