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Super_Nova (he/they) #41414


I dont mind anything anyone gives me! :D ill take anything! :>
but if anyone would ask anything spesific..
any racoon wares Bg's or decors!
GC if can..
aaaa...CD? o3o maybe??
i guess anything unwated to idk-
hmmm..a..grove items? maybe?
SC o3o
Amusement! if possible q3q
food! :D
as i said i dont mind anything anyone gives me! :D yall are so nice q3q

I'm a year into this and maybe kinda know half of things so bare with me o3o"  

      ~Young adult (19)~
                  ~aaaaa i like wolves~
                                ~maybe a furry?~
                                            ~ supports LGBTQ+ :)~

If anyone has tips..please let me know!! I would love them since i'm still getting the gist of things! :)


Get a full marked gal/guy/wolfie

Make an immortal wolf 

save up to 10,000 SC and 50 GC (20/50)


- I'm free to talk at anytime! :) 

FRENS ARE ALL WELCOME! :D and auto accepted!!

I'm sorry if i don't send messages to you..i dont know how to talk to others like its alot better if you send me a message first! please be patient with me! :) I can get nervous at times as please once again bare with me..

I'm a proud Pansexual!
I'm a proud Transgender!
I'm a proud Genderfluid!
I'm a proud Demisexual!



~Silent Sparrow~

Hi. Welcome to Nova's profile. I'm Bandit. One of their other Oc's. Don't bother me that much m'kay? m'kay. good. they want you to enjoy their profile or whatever. *grumble*

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Name Super_Nova (he/they)
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