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♾️Senpha♾️ #67675

Enter My Raffle!!

pixel art credit to 🦌Antlers🦌 (#40935)

She/They USA 21+
(3 hours ahead of WD time)

Heya you can call me Senpha, Sen, Bratt or make up a name I'm always happy to talk about about wolves (or really animals in general) and nerdy interests :) Feel free to shoot me a message any time!

OC Senpha Sooleawa art credit to ~KipLandon


Name: Espeon

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Wolves hosted: Albino Traveler, Skyros, Hyacinthus, Dryad
Wolves out travelling: Niru
Wolves that traveled: Nuri Chased from hosts pack
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Name ♾️Senpha♾️
Pack Selvage Watch
Lead Sydel
Joined 2022-04-30
Last Active 16 minutes ago
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