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☽Senpha☾ #67675

🥳️🎉Birthday Raffle🎉🥳️

pixel art credit to 🦌Antlers🦌 (#40935)

She/They USA
(2 hours ahead of WD time)

Heya you can call me Senpha, Sen, Bratt or make up a name I'm always happy to talk about about wolves or really animals in general and nerdy interests! Also if you need book recommendations I'm your person Feel free to shoot me a message any time!

OC Senpha Sooleawa art credit to ~KipLandon


Name: Espeon

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage



Females stop heat at 7y2.5m
R&C stop playing at 7.5 months
R&C stop feeding at 9.5 months

Member Information
Name ☽Senpha☾
Pack Sympatheia Coetus
Lead Bibelot
Joined 2022-04-30
Last Active 2023/02/07 23:02:30
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