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Carrie #45194

About Me

Art by ✧ ⭒ 𝒮𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓃𝑜𝓃 ⭒ ✧ #52300 Mother. Coffee addict. Music lover. Wine connoisseur. And a little bit of a geek. I appreciate people who can drag spontaneity out of me.

I'm probably older than most of the players on here, and definitely too old to be spending so much time playing with wolves!

BUT I'm kind of like a nicer version of Cruella…"Bring me ALL the pretty puppies!!!!" 😁

Current Projects

I mass breed for selling and R&C. My current main breeding focus is raffle eyed/special marked Muted Medium T3s. With a side project of raffle eyed Mono Lights. If you find one of my Chased and are looking to sell them please feel free to contact me to see if I am interested in buying them back.

Trade Info

I am an avid R&Cr and I have a very large pack. Pups not marked with a ^ (under T3 to chase) or ** (T3 or Special to sell/chase) are enclaved after 1 RO. All pups not sold by the time they age up to 1YR are either welcomed into my pack or chased.
I love offers on my trades! Currency, Grove Items, Apps, Sages, Nesting Materials, Healing Salves, Amusement are always needed. I won't get offended or block for ANY offer. If I think it's too low or I don't need the items, I will just say No Thank You. 👍
My current GC/SC ratio value is
1 = 250
I value items at:
Amusement - 5 per use
Healing Salves - 25 per use
Nesting Mats - 60 each
Lucky Foot - 90 each

I am 2 hours ahead of Wolvden time. I'm usually online off-and-on from 03:00 - 18:00 WT.

Give yourself the gift of a T3 pup for 5, 10, or 20!
Click on the string of lights to learn more!

Free Crafting: Only Send The Items Required - Clickable Link → Carrie's Crafting Cave -188/188 All Recipes Available!

Portrait of my beloved girl RΣWIND 🎶 done by the insanely talented Fella #31536

I have opened a Game Development thread requesting that players be allowed the opportunity to encounter their own Chased wolves in a Befriend Encounter. Please feel free to share your opinion HERE

I like to plan ahead, so I'm on the hunt for some future lead/studs with specific attributes:

👀 I am looking for NBW wolves with Argent or Chromium base with raffle eyes (DARK HAZEL/HUSKY/STEEL BLUE/BLOODHOUND/MAYBE NOVUS).

If you catch a wolf that has the eyes and base I'm looking for please message me. I am very motivated to buy and have plenty of GC (or apps if that's your thing) and I'm ready and willing to talk prices with you!

RΣWIND 🎶 art ↑ by Hewie #104452

Below are the Custom décor I've commissioned from talented Wolvden Artists that are for sale. Images are links to each Custom décor.

319 - Lily
104 - Pearl
497 - Badger
203 - Argent
187 - Chromium
1872 - Other Bases
3182 - TOTAL T3 Chased
Date Updated: 11/29/2023
*Yearling Count Only - Complete R&C Chase Logs HERE

'Naptime' art ↑ by Srinyx #244
By order of appearance: ѕєαѕмσαк, Rübezahl, ℌ𝔞𝔦𝔡ê𝔰𓅓, 𝕄araschino ℂherry, Ҡհąɾօղ 𓊞, and мєℓιαηησѕ.

Touchette art ↑ by Hewie #104452

𝒦𝒶𝓃𝒶𝓃𝒶 art ↑ by Hewie #104452

ℝyver & 𝕊tixx 𓊞 art ↑ by Hewie #104452

Persephónē art ↑ by Nymeria #21779 & Aliceluh #21950

ℌ𝔞𝔦𝔡ê𝔰 art ↑ by Srinyx #244

Gone, but never forgotten.
💜 Gavriel 💜 & Vivienne 06.14.2021 to 11.02.2021
Imhotep 𓂀 & Amentet 𓁿 11.03.2021 to 04.11.2022

←Imhotep pagedoll art by Prussiannurse #35327
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Name Carrie
Pack Darkbringers
Alpha ℙaradigm 𝕊hift ᴳ¹
Joined 2021-06-14
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