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Sigyn #14227

Sigyn's Chambers

Sigyn's Fægirfold
Custom Art Shop

Come and discover the Viking themed thread that is My Art Shop! 
Full of diverse canine artwork.  YOU decide what I draw!

Want different styles?
I got them!

Want a specific pose?
I can do them!
Want your OCs to have art too?
I allow them!

Free Order(s):
yakoats #13891 (1)

Come join us at the Lethal Zone!
Discord | Contests | WD Clan

Valkyrae's Lethal Zone is a discord and WD Clan specifically for the contests!

What are her contests about?
Lethal mutie give aways!  Just bring your creativity for a chance to win!

Visit Valkyrae's page for more information and to get to the current contest!

The Law of Fenris

➤ If you buy a wolf from me and resell it in less than 24 hours, I will block you

➤ I don't feed pups that are up for trade, either buy or die

➤ My friend requests are on auto-accept, shoot me one

➤ Wolves must be a minimum of level 5 before first breeding

➤ Do not ask me for personal information

Yggdrasil's Will

Melanistic wolf
»Breed one from pack's lineage
»Breed a high stat one
»Breed a B&W/W&B Heterochromia one
»Breed a carrier

Albinism wolf
»Breed one from pack's lineage
»Breed a glass eye one
»Breed a carrier

»Obtain a leaderboard stud
»Breed a Heterochromia wolf
»Allow a lead wolf to die naturally
»Breed a tier 3 wolf
»Breed a wolf with a black shaded marking
»Get a Polymelia

About Me

Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 20+
Likes: Drawing, wolves, horse riding,
anime (Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, etc),
Nightcore music, Norse Mythology...
Dislikes: Politics, ignorance
Location: USA

Notes: I'm jealous of gay males LOL.  Kinda wanna be them.  Stay fabulous my dudes.

About Sigyn

Pronouns: He/She/They
Age: Unknown
Species: Wolf God/Goddess
Era: Viking/Norse

Notes: Can turn from male to female freely or be both genders at once.  Her coloring in the multi-gender form are colors from half of her female form and half of his male form.  Sigyn prefers her female form more than his male but answers to either pronoun regardless.
Member Information
Name Sigyn
Pack Vali of the Wolves
Queen Valka
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 2 hours ago
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