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wink #26881

Hi, I'm Wink! She/Her pronouns, 8 hours ahead of WD time.
I'm 24, live in the UK and have an interest in both dogs and wolves! I
try to play every day even if I pop on for 5 minutes to rollover, partly active in the chat.
The name "wink" is a fun alias I use online, I have mild Tourette's and one of my tics is a wink, causing occasional social awkwardness.
Raise & Chase count - 4

Icon by Quin!

Personal notes on pack;
Lead wolves must be born into pack
Herbalists must be born into pack
No inbreeding
Breed wolves at 2 years minimum to allow levelling and stat gain (exceptions for NBWs who are bred solely for low gen T2s and T3s)
Keeper wolves to have their own background (not the default)

Primary breeding focus: monochrome dark, losna (special dark), monochrome medium
Secondary breeding focus: black merle, silver markings, in-born stats of 350+, working towards 400+

Note to self so I don't forget ~ 545 Lunar Tears for next event
Member Information
Name wink
Pack Mourning Midnight
Lead Wolf Vega Rune
Joined 2020-11-05
Last Active 1 hour ago
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