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wink #26881

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Through the darkness of future past 

The magician longs to see. 

One chants out between two worlds 

Fire walk with me..

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◃Mourning Midnight▹

I'm not logging in as often due to new dog and other real life duties. If you offer on a trade or send a request please be mindful of this!

artist: link


Hi, I'm Wink! She/Her pronouns, 8 hours ahead of WD time.
I'm 26, live in the UK and have an interest in both dogs and wolves!

The name "wink" is a fun alias I use online, I have mild Tourette's and one of my tics is a wink, causing occasional social awkwardness.

I try to play every day, but remove my studs from the public if I am planning on taking a day off.
I work long hours on the weekends! So I may have big gaps in hours then, but I do jump on during breaks to complete hunts and possible stud requests.

Ongoing projects and pack plans:

  • Most wolves I breed and keep are bred for stats as well as looks. I focus on Monochrome Dark T3s with rare attributes, such as combo marks, raffle marks, raffle eyes, etc. But being pretty isn't the only goal, I like to have wolves that can function well in roles, such as great stalkers and efficient chasers. Below are my current focuses.

  • B&W het eyed Iridiums, starting from one of my old leads, Ivar Vigaris. At the time, he was one of three B&W het iridiums, and the only stud with that combination. His children can be found continuing the project in the Shrouded Wood, and a few of his line has made it through the chase pool to start fresh. I have yet to purchase one back for myself. But given the opportunity I'd love to make a stud from one of his great grandchildren.

  • Smoke and storm eyed Monochrome Dark T3s, these can be found lurking in the Vales of Velen. Starting with my old lead and stud, Oeric Stormborne, a strom eyed Iridium. It continues with his daughters, and my new stud, Dandelion. Who is a G2 slate with smoke eyes.

  • Iron wolves. With a new base comes a new project! We had our first Iron pup born in the pack. A third generation iron. She will be the start of a project for more Irons in the pack. She has a great start with having very nice stats. My hope is to get raffle eyes and rare marks on the next ones, as well as continuing to breed them for great stats.

  • Stalkers that can find large trails in the most difficult biomes, Glacier/Rainforest.

Raise & Chase count - 77
Of which were my personal R&C - 58

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Name wink
Pack Mourning Midnight
Lead Wolf Orianna
Joined 2020-11-05
Last Active 14 minutes ago
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