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Raise & Chase

Raise & Chase
Posted 2020-11-12 10:20:48 (edited)
Note: due to real life commitments, I am no longer able to be very active on Wolvden, and can't be active in this group, either. Thank you everyone for being so enthusiastic about R&C, I wish you all happy chasing!

This is a thread (& will maybe later be a clan) dedicated to helping one another raise wolves to adulthood in order to chase them away, making the pool of chased wolves better and giving others the chance to encounter them as Newly Befriended Wolves in Explore.

What Is A Chased wolf?

A Chased wolf is any adult wolf a user has chased away from their territory. After your lead wolf hits level 10, you have a chance to encounter these chased wolves when befriending wolves in explore. Chased wolves are marked by a purple shooting star icon.

This gives a chance to get a wolves with unique markings, eyes, and bases in explore. Great for players who don't have a lot of currency, or for players who avoid inbreeding, as chased wolves have no heritage.

encounter with a chased wolf

Why Does There Need To Be A Clan For This?

Because territory, food, and amusement items are scarce, and raising a pup all the way to adulthood takes all three of those, many users- understandably- opt to sell their pups, or else chase them when they're born. This clan will help share food, toys, and space to keep those pups and adols alive until they age up!

What Kind of Wolves Should I Chase?

The nicer the wolf, the nicer it is to chase! Basic guidelines to follow are:

What not to chase:

  • A common-based wolf with 0-3 markings is not a great candidate for chasing, as a similar wolf could be found as a regular NBW. (Just ask some other R&C members: most of us have more pups hanging around then is good for us, and we'd be happy to give one to you to raise instead!)
  • Stats, mutations, and carrier status are wiped on chasing, and so should not influence your choice to R&C a pup.
  • You cannot find your own chased wolf in explore, and many wolves are either not entered into the chase pool, or deleted the chased pool after people fail to befriend them. Do not chase a wolf if you couldn't bear to have it gone for good! 

What to chase:

  • Breed-only bases [like howlite and quartz] make a wolf a better candidate.
  • Tier II bases [like chert and siqoq] make a wolf a better candidate.
  • Breed-only Tier II bases [like rime and melchior] make a wolf a better candidate.
  • Tier III or Special bases make a wolf a better candidate.
  • More marks [4+] make a wolf a better candidate.
  • Higher tier [6-8] marks [like Auburns, merles, or smokes] make a wolf a better candidate.
  • Unusual eyes [like glass, violet, or heterochromia] make a wolf a better candidate.

Wolves with one or more of the above qualities are good candidates! [For more info on what bases are breed-only or what markings are in what tiers, see the grouse house genetics guide]

How Can I Help?

You can either raise a pup yourself, take in a pup to raise, or give items to help others raise pups!

So far there are no clans, so just pop a comment in this thread if you're willing to help! Say what you can contribute (food, territory slots, amusement items, wolves, medicine)and what you need. If you have a pup you're planning to raise & chase, feel free to post a picture of it as well!

Here's a simple form for introducing yourself, but don't feel like you have to follow it!


A bit about me:

I Have:

I Need:

Pup (if applicable):

Rules & Recommendations

-Don't use this thread to get free items! If you're found taking items without chasing wolves or otherwise contributing, you'll be excluded in future.

-Once you chase a wolf, send a screenshot (or post a wardrobe link) to say you did it and get some cred! (a scoreboard may be added in the future, but the original was too unwieldy to maintain)

-It's a good idea to name chased wolves something specific RIGHT BEFORE you chase them, so you can search that term in your user log & see how many wolves you've chased! (eg, R&C is a good candidate but just "chase" isn't, because you'll also turn up "chase" results from hunting and explore! You should only name them this right before chasing, or you'll also get results for all the times you fed or played with that wolf)

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2020-11-12 10:21:07 (edited)

Badges and Banners: New!

Badges and Banners drawn by Starling #17827. Mascot designed by kosachmur #20686.


10 Chased | 25 Chased  | 50 Chased  |  100 Chased

you're a star ;) you're a star ;)

250 Chased | 500 Chased


Raise and Chase Banner

Get it here

To use these, go into 'code view' on your profile, and simply copy & paste in the fragment of code linked here! the badge should show up on your profile properly sized, and when clicked will link back here! If it doesn't work, please PM me so I can troubleshoot. 

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2020-11-12 10:21:10 (edited)

Events & Announcements

Discord Link

R&C has a discord! Our invite code is K6Z7A7yJyc.
Just go to discord, press the "add server button", and enter the code. Props to Starling for the link-hunting and code-sending!

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2020-11-12 10:28:26 (edited)

I'll start by introducing myself!

Name: I'm Crickets (or Calvin IRL)! she/they pronouns :)

A bit about me: I'm 23, I live in Vancouver BC, and I played Lioden before coming here!

I Have: Territory, Food, Wolves

I Need: More Territory, help making this thread less ugly


Right now I'm raising two wolves to chase! A Quartz with Merle (I promise it's there, it's just low opacity) and a Honeydew with 6 marks.

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2020-11-12 12:19:31 (edited)

What a great idea! I would love to contribute when I get the chance to have/breed some special cubs.

Name: Panini (or Pan, or Nini) They/Them or She/Her please

A bit about me: I'm a 28 year old parent living in Louisiana who just started playing Wolvden this week! I remember seeing the closed beta and being so excited to play, so I'm very happy to be here. :)

I Have: Food, Toys

I Need: Territory slots

Pup (if applicable): Can breed some possible tier 2 and uncommon wolves in about a week or two.


Posted 2020-11-12 12:54:31 (edited)

Name: Selkie (she/her preferred, they/them is also fine!)

A bit about me: I'm 25 and living in California!  I'm pretty new to Wolvden but only because I'm a dweeb who forgot to sign up when registration opened.  I've pretty much got my pack established with my first set of "permanent" packmates, so I'd be down to raise some sacrifices c;  I don't really plan on breeding my own wolves much, but I'd be down to buy and chase wolves from the TC! 

I Have: Food, toys, plenty of time. 

I Need: More territory slots, hah.  I only bought enough to house exactly the number of permanent wolves I wanted, which is a whopping 8.  Should be able to start saving up to expand, though! 

Pup (if applicable): EDITING; the pup that I'd originally planned as a sacrifice was sold, so I've picked up a new pup with a lot of potential from the TC.  So the new first sacrifice -- a breed-only base (Tumbleweed) with Cream Inuit Unders and Cream Merle!  I think he's actually pretty gorgeous with his opacities nudged up to 100: 


Posted 2020-11-12 12:58:23

Hello to you both! Thanks for hopping in to say hi!

& That's a nice sacrifice, Selkie! It'd certainly make my day to grab a lilac in explore

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2020-11-12 13:37:52 (edited)

Name: Lychee

A bit about me: I'm 26, living in Canada. Just started playing about two weeks ago

I Have: A lot of time, herbs/salves, not much else uwu

I Need: Food, toys, anything and everything. I just like messin around with the game, don't really have any plans for breeding projects or anything so I just need things tkeep my wolves alive through the winter. 

Pup (if applicable): Edit//  I label all wolves in my den as "Raise n Chase #"!  I currently have 4.


Posted 2020-11-12 13:39:37

good to have you lychee! that's a cute pup, I'd be happy to find her in explore!

I can toss some food your way rn if you want? I've got a little extra

Crickets 🦗

Posted 2020-11-12 13:42:46

I'll help!

Name: Auvry!

A bit about me: I'm 26, live with my bf and three cats, and I love them all :3

I Have: A spending problem XD (realistically, a few pups to start out and some good based wolves I'll be breeding in the future)

I Need: Moar territory, but that's not exactly giftable XD I will however accept critter carcasses and eggs >.>

Pup (if applicable): For the most part, my pups have split pretty evenly between 'Sell Worthy' and 'Not Worth Keeping... Alive', so essentially what I'm going to be doing is Raise/Chasing any sell-worthy pups that don't sell. I will try to keep a couple of open adult slots available for every age-up, and now that I'm in the groove with my pups I'll be focusing on RCing pups with at least 3 visible markings :)


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