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NightMist #2265


Hello & Welcome to my little patch of Paradise.

I am NightMist ~ but you may call me Night or Mist for short. I am on here everyday so feel free to message me.

I am 2 hours ahead of Wolden time.

I am also on Lioden (#106432) so you can friend me on there as well.

Thank you ~ <3

*~: ABOUT ME :~*

*~ Age: 23

*~ Gender: Female

*~ Pronouns: She/Her

*~ Relationship Status: Single

*~ Sexuality: Straight

*~ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

*~ Personality Type: INFJ-A (Rarest type)

*~ Country: Canada

*~ Career: Veterinary Assistant

*~ Future Goal(s): To travel around the world, Work with saving wildlife, Learn piano

*~ Hobbies/Interests: The arts (Dancing, Singing, Drawing/Painting, etc.), Gaming (Mostly Skyrim Elder Scrolls 5: Special Edition or RDR2), Furries (Fursuiting)

*~ Fursonas: Everest (White Siberian Tiger), Akina (Eidolon/Hybird) & Satellite (Dog Hybrid)

*~ Pets: 2 dogs (A wire-haired dachshund & Border Collie)

*~ Pets Names: Gunner (Mini Dachshund), Leo (Mini Dachshund) & Sage (Border Collie)

*~ Fun Fact(s): I can make realistic animals sounds, my favorite animal is a wolf & my favorite artists are Van Gogh and Bob Ross


[ ] Birth a wolf with any lethal mutation

[ ] Birth identical twins

[ ] Birth a wolf with double mutations

[ ] Birth conjoined twins

[ ] Birth a wolf with polycephaly

[X] Birth a wolf with brachycephaly

[ ] Birth a wolf with polymelia

[ ] Birth a wolf with hereditary cataracts

[ ] Birth a wolf with spontaneous blindness

[ ] Birth a wolf with deafness

[X] Birth a wolf with Torn Piebald

[ ] Birth a wolf with Uneven Piebald

Member Information
Name NightMist
Pack MistVeil Falls
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Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 2023/06/13 20:10:24
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