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Firew♥lfie | Beach Gay™ #115961

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^^ Tiny Pride Flags by Antler ~ Free to use, you can get them here!

Notice!! I'm going to be semi-active as it is summer and may not roll daily, although I will try!

Not all who wander are lost... but I sure am.

Crazy | Any/All | Depressed

Hi! You can call me Fire or Fiery. I suffer from severe anxiety (especially social anxiety) and depression. I have panic attacks sometimes where my stomach starts hurting and I just internally freak out. If I don't respond to a PM, please poke me again, but don't be harsh about it or I really won't respond.
Please don't be a bootyhole. I've had that happen on WD before. You'll end up on my blocklist.
Friend requests are on auto-accept! If I send you a friend request and you decline it, please tell me why, it just really makes me feel bad if I don't know.
I live in the coniferous forest and plan to stay here for a while! If you ever need access to Conif wares, I charge the base item fee and 5 SC per 100 SC for the convenience fee. (So if a BG costs 1000 SC, then it'll be 1000 + 50 SC)
If you ever find a chased with high-opacity Nightchill Cracks, then I probably chased it!

I have a Wolvden mother who makes lots of cookies. They are good, most of the time... unless Wolvden brother makes them... I have not tried Wolvden sister's cookies. I have another WD sister (who is also my bestie )- NobleZacian

I wrote this charming lore for a wolf I sold
EDIT: I no longer hate Ash now that he's been hydrangea'd. I mean, he's still ugly, but... less.

I hate Ash with a passion that burns hotter than one million burning suns. A passion that goes deeper than a quintillion-foot-deep hole. A passion that screams louder than fifty-seven tone deaf children 'singing' a melody while sixteen trucks run over twenty five cats. A passion that is deeper than the deepest pit. Oh, my hated Ash, I regret ever making you. I regret you, my progen wolf. Do the pack a favor and go die in a hole. Make sure your throat is blocked with a piece of rotting seagull so that all the pack can hear the desperate choking noises you make. Maybe that rotting prey would be useful for your least favourite pack members, it says in explore. But that rotting prey is too good for Ash, the wolf that needs to go die painfully. Oh yes, the best noise Ash can make is the noise of strangled pain and fury, the noise of dying desperation. The day Ash starts his death rolls, I will give a loud cheer and pray that each day is finally the day for Ashy to go bye-bye. I wish this wolf would go back to hell, the land from which he came, the only place that he should be allowed to reside in, oh, although I hate Eclaire, that hate... is nothing compared to the furious pain that I feel when I look at the atrocity that is the breeding male of the pack of chaos. The day you die, I will rejoice in happiness, crying tears of joy as I see your lifeless body lying there, no longer breathing. Oh, Ash, I will soon yeet you into a very painful oblivion of death, an oblivion that makes you wonder if you're dying, dead, or want to be dead, and I hope it is one of the first two. Oh, how my life will change for the better when your face is gone from the world. I hope it is my job to bury you, because I will make sure there is nothing to bury as I rip your pelt to shreds, giving your bones to the pups. Oh, yes, the best part of your life will be your death, my disgusting Ash. Wolves- yes, your children- will feast on your flesh and play with your bones. That is when you will be at your most useful, Ash. You are about as attractive as a gummy bear that has been chilling in a dirty litter box for three months then chunked in a garlicky sink disposal, spit back out, and shoved back in the litter box, then microwaved and covered in dirt. No, less attractive than that... there is no way to describe the way I feel about you. You are the very worst wolf ever, the babies you make are terrible. Go die, go die, go die.'
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Name Firew♥lfie | Beach Gay™
Pack Pack of Fire and Chaos
Alpha Corrupted Sunrise
Joined 2023-02-09
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