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Deathly Meadows

1 wolf in this pack may leave due to neglect!

The Ancient Forest

The pack was founded by Blood Eclipse and Ram deep within the Ancient Forest.
Ram became protector while Blood Eclipse became queen

Ancient Clearing - A place were the Leader and their family lives.
The Fallen Stones - (work in progress)
Lead Ram
Played By FallenDreams (#117258)
Territory Biome Mountains
Cave Slots 2 / 10
Pack Adults 4 / 10
Pack Pups 0 / 50
Immortal Wolves 0 / 0

Ancient Clearing
Name Stats Info Currents
Queen <G1>
226 stats L2 Female 1 year 10½ months (Adult) 1y 10½m Breeding Cooldown (5 rollovers)Hunter
The Fallen Stones
Name Stats Info Currents
316 stats L3 Male 1 year 4½ months (Adult) 1y 4½m HungryScoutWill Leave!
Special Dark * Cynthia 0Markings IB
281 stats L2 Male 2 years 7½ months (Adult) 2y 7½m Hunter
217 stats L3 Male 2 years 9 months (Adult) 2y 9m Herbalist