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[Spreadsheet!] Breeding Registry, Pedigree Generator, and Inbreeding Calculator

[Spreadsheet!] Breeding Registry, Pedigree Generator, and Inbreeding Calculator
Posted 2020-10-24 21:23:18 (edited)


I wanted an easy way to keep all my breeding wolves straight, pull up and compare lineages at a glance, and be able to check potential pups for inbreeding without using too many braincells... So I made a spreadsheet to help me out with all that, and I thought others might find it useful as well for breeding projects!

How to Get Started:

  • You MUST make your own copy to use the sheet. File > Make a Copy > OK.
  • Read this post in its entirety and/or the How-To tab in the spreadsheet for an idea of how to use each tab to the fullest and common issues you could stumble into.
  • Go to Spreadsheet !

There are 4 tabs to this spreadsheet: Breeding Registry, Pedigree, COI%, and How-To & Troubleshooting.

  1. Breeding Registry -- This tab holds all your wolves and their information. Name, Sire, and Dam are required fields to use the Pedigree calculator. You can also add a wolf's gender and base color; and note if they are from your pack, outside your pack, or deceased. (Outside and Deceased grey them out to reduce clutter, and can be hidden by right clicking the row and selecting Hide Row.) There is a also a note section-- one that will display on the lineage itself (helpful to note a potential mutation carrier or certain mark) and an extended note category that will only show on your Registry tab for more in-depth memos to yourself such as heat dates, plans for future breedings, or notable pups bred. You can add more columns to keep track of things that matter most to you!
  2. Pedigree Calculator -- Select a wolf on the Pedigree tab's dropdown menu to generate it's lineage, going back to its great great grandparents at max. The pedigree pulls information from your Breeding Registry using the names of your registered wolves, so the more wolves added to your Registry, the more filled in your lineages will be! The calculator will also highlight any duplicate entries to mark all places where inbreeding occurs in the lineage. You can use this to check existing wolves for inbreeding or to check the potential lineage of future pups.
  3. COI% (Coefficient of Inbreeding) Calculator -- If inbreeding occurs in your lineage, you can see specifically how inbred your wolf is with an off-site breeding calculator from BSSBA. (A sheep breeder's website with a handy, easy-to-use calculator that does the trick!) The spreadsheet sets everything up for you automatically based on your selected Pedigree wolf, and all you have to do is copy/paste the info into a notepad .txt file and upload it. BSSBA's calculator then does the hard part and calculates the wolf's Coefficient of Inbreeding, a measure of how closely related an individual's parents are. This can be helpful for players wanting to maintain non-inbred lines or keep COI% to a reasonable low. Txt files can be saved and kept for easy future access.
  4. How-To & Troubleshooting -- A tab detailing more advanced instructions for each page and common errors that can break or confuse the calculator. If you encounter trouble, look for a solution there! This page also has resources I personally find useful and a credits section. 

*BREEDING REGISTRY: I have filled in some of my own wolves to show as example here. When making your own copy of the sheet, be sure to delete these for a fresh, clean start! (You can predict future pups' lineage by adding a wolf with the Sire and Dam you plan to breed.) Be sure all wolves have a unique ID and name. This is the backbone of the spreadsheet, where all pages pull their info from. Fill it up!

*PEDIGREE: Example shown for a theoretical pup between two of my own wolves. Select a wolf on your pedigree tab to view it's lineage! The dropdown and lineage will only show as many wolves as you've added to your Registry; to get the most utility out of this page, you will want to add all relevant wolves in your pack and all wolves in their lineages. Places in the lineage where Inbreeding occurs are highlighted in red.

*COEFFICIENT OF INBREEDING CALCULATION: The COI% tab automatically generates a specific plaintext version of your selected wolf's lineage that you can then easily copy/paste into notepad and save as a .txt file. This .txt file is then able to be uploaded to an off-site inbreeding calculator as explained further on this tab's instruction section. The calculator shows the percentage of inbreeding that occurs in this combination. (Inbreeding is not really measured by Wolvden, but players often want to avoid inbreeding whole or in part, and this tool can help to quantify it to some degree.)

If you find any of this helpful in keeping your lineages looking neat, feel free to use the spreadsheet and let me know how it goes! I'd love to see screenshots of nice, full registries and lineages of your projects! ^^ And if you need help using it, I'd be happy to help.


Posted 2020-10-24 21:23:29 (edited)


changes will naturally have to be made from time to time, you will need to create a fresh copy of your spreadsheet to make sure it is up-to-date.

  • October 24, 2020 - posted public version of Pedigree Calculator v1.
  • October 24, 2020 - fixed issue with selected wolf's paternal grandmother info not being fetched beyond row 16 on pedigree tab. Updated v1.01
  • November 10, 2020 - tweaked 'in-pack' dropdown to add 'In Allied Pack' option per request. Added tutorial note on hiding rows, useful for outside studs. Added freeze on ID/Name columns for easy readability while using horizontal scroll. v1.02


Posted 2020-10-24 21:23:34 (edited)


special thanks to the best guy in my life ThreeDee (#16187) for keeping me sane and laughing while trying to figure out the frustrating parts. I was inspired to create this after stumbling upon a great post by Kenosha Rabbits, and my method for pedigree creation was derived from theirs. COI% Calculator is by BBSBA; I just worked backwards with their handy .txt upload system for easy integrated use for my spreadsheet.

bos (#426)

OTHER GUIDES and resources you may find helpful include: Base Calculator by a team + myselfGenetics Guide from Grouse HouseEJ's Organizational Spreadsheet, Gem's Hunting Party Spreadsheet, and Venti's Pupsitting Spreadsheet. In addition, Grouse House has their own version of a base calculator, with extra utility.

If you find yourself wanting to help with DATA COLLECTION for other projects, here are just some threads seeking data that you can contribute to: Eye Color Pass RatesLitter SizesBattling Move EffectivenessPrey Rarity.


Posted 2020-10-25 15:02:30

hope it's okay to post!

holy FUCK this is amazing :0 i was planning on using the same COI calc for my own den, but never even thought to take it this far. i'll definitely be using this, thank you so much!!

Coyote Teeth (he/they)

Posted 2020-10-25 15:10:27
Aw, you're too kind, thank you. Honestly, I wasn't going to take it this far either, but I just kept getting more ideas to add, lol. ❤ I'm glad you find it useful! 


Posted 2020-10-26 22:24:52 (edited)

This is awesome! :3 I'll be using this!

I have a question. If I want to calculate the COI from a stud outside of my pack. Do I have to enter all of his ancestor's data? c:

↞ Starlight ↠

Posted 2020-10-26 22:45:32

This is awesome!


Posted 2020-10-27 08:00:23

I love this so much! I feel a lot more organized now! Thank you for doing this cx


Posted 2020-10-27 21:59:40

@Starlight-- Hmm, good question! I think when calculating COI% with an outside stud you might use, it may just to be easier to go to the calculator website and type the stud's lineage in there directly. Just cause it might be a lot of extra steps to type in his ancestors' info on the spreadsheet and save the .txt file when you may not decide to use him after all that. But, either way would work out! :) I hadn't thought of that issue before, so thank you for bringing that up!

@Athena & Charmz -- Thanks so much! I am so glad you guys like it. ^^ It makes me feel super organized too! lol


Posted 2020-10-28 20:04:12


Oh, okay! :) That makes it easier! By the way, do you have any idea how to find the ID of a dead wolf? 

↞ Starlight ↠

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