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Coyote Teeth (he/they) #3376

Finals going on - will be back to responding to messages and all threads on dec 17 or 18 depending on how much I sleep afterwards lol

Please no random friend requests, but feel free to talk to me!

If you really wanna fast track to being friends, ask me about coyotes, laiki, wolfdogs, or canine color genetics. I'm just a nerd okay?

Mostly here to play with my friends off-game and not do too much socializing here, I may not respond quickly. 

I'm a tired college student, I'll be on a lot and not respond to stuff if I'm just doing daily shit like hunt, or only respond to things that take less than 5 mins. I also forget stuff a lot, so feel free to poke me and remind me if it's been 2+ days! 

he/him or they/them are equally preferred

My lil art and adopts shop

Like my banners? Get your own here for free!

Notes and resources for myself:

Stalking: smt, wis  --  Chasing: spd, agi  --  Finishing: str  ---  Healer: smt, wis

Befriending Chart  --  Perso Chart  --  Special Befriendables  

Explore Encounters  --  Biomes/Scouting  --  Prey

Genetics  --  Breeding  --  Custom Bases/Eyes/Marks  

Illnesses/Healing  --  Herb Map

General  --  COI Calc/Breed Registry

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Name Coyote Teeth (he/they)
Pack Druid Peak Pack
Pack Leader Stone Age Weaponry
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 2021/02/24 08:52:48
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