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Sundust #9932

A rambling clan who roam between the taiga and glacier  - many have autumnal fur, and a few have been touched by the Dreamlands. Founded by Ashfall, whose name they all carry forward with them, they are now led by Chance Meeting.

Contact me if you're interested in becoming breeding partners! I really like helping others with their projects, however I can.

Raising and chasing merle wolves and warm medium T3s - foxes, wulfenites, and mojaves! Thanks to everyone who took part in the February T3 Chasing Event, and especially Swiftla (#764), for Chance Meeting.

 I'm happy to now be able to chase some T3s myself.

My wife is Moondust (#10019) but tbh Flight Rising claimed her in the same way Wolvden did me :D

Member Information
Name Sundust
Pack Ashfall Clan
Lead Wolf Chance Meeting 💫
Joined 2020-10-19
Last Active 9 hours ago
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