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Luane #97087

Hi there!💜

Feel free to send me a friend request, I enjoy meeting new people despite being an introvert.

Name: Luane/Lulu (luu-ain)
Age: Gen Z
Pronouns: She/Her ♀️
Zodiac Signs: ♐ Sun & Moon, ♌ Rising
Favorite Game: Genshin Impact 🌠 (I'm AR60! if you play, I'd love to help/be friends! 🫶)
Personality Type: INFJ-T 💜

⭐ I am 3 hours ahead of Wolvden time! ⭐

Member Information
Name Luane
Pack Dreamspace Guardians
Alpha Vilysion
Joined 2022-10-09
Last Active 2023/05/22 15:40:58
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