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Surkrinth [semi-active] #1771

Currently semi-active, if I haven't logged by 7:00 Wolvden time I likely wont be getting on for the day! Please keep this in mind for stud requests β™₯

A little about Me

Hey there! I'm a 26 year old female and live in America. I love video games and animals (oh so basic aha) I just recently came back to wolvden and I'm excited to see all the changes! I think i might be addicted to making custom decor atm.. Been playing a lot of Pokemon lately & I'm always playing Genshin Impact

Finally in the process of working on lore for my wolves and pack however I'm not the greatest at writing so excuse any mistakes or rambling I'm open to building potential lore stuff with other packs if your looking for that kinda of stuff! Always fun to expand it with others~ especially with more adept lore writers lmao

I'm a bit socially awkward but I'm open to messages anytime if you want to ask about something or just chat be it video games or lore with wolvden stuff <3

I now have a thread open for some Icon recolors like this;

HERE check it you if your interested!


Due to the interest I figured I'd state this here, I am not accepting commissions at the moment! I've currently got a a hectic schedule and only just recently started drawing again after a few years off so until I get more comfortable with it they will remain closed. Once I get back into the grove of thing I'll open up a thread for them and link it somewhere on my page, so keep an eye out for that if your interested and thank you for understanding <3

All art on this page made by me!

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Name Surkrinth [semi-active]
Pack Blue Tarn Pack
Queen Akluitok
Joined 2020-09-25
Last Active 4 minutes ago
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