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Katerpie #71388

words words words

Howdy and welcome! If you were wondering - yes, my pack is named after the meme.

About me

My name's Kat! I use she/her pronouns. I'm a whole-ass grown up. That's all there is to it. I didn't expect to get so *into* this website, but here we are.

I'm just living my best nostalgic millennial life over here.

Color Combos

Color Combos:

  • Auburn| Black + Red
  • Deira| Beige + Honey
  • Dinar| Honey + Brown
  • Doubloon| Honey + Yellow
  • Ducat| Yellow + White
  • Sepia| Brown + Yellow
  • Silver| Black + White
  • Sterling| Silver + Black
  • Tuff| Silver + Cream
  • Zircon| Red + Cream
  • Cocoa| Black + Cream
  • Rufous| Red + Dark Brown
  • Saffron| Beige + Yellow
  • Shedua| Honey + Black
Banner background art credit: Hewie #104452 Hexagon & Trio pic art credit: Srinyx #244

Art credit: Valdis #18079

PFP rotates and art has been done by various folks: Srinyx #244, 🎃🕯️Hex🕯️🎃 #43312, Wo1fB1ight #13697, Misty #34623and dorkybirb #90087
Member Information
Name Katerpie
Pack Three Wolf Moon
Pack Leader Atlas
Joined 2022-06-03
Last Active 35 minutes ago