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☽ notoriousNOX [𝓨𝓕𝓐] #67111

Hi! I haven't spent much time yet on the beautification process of my profile/den.. but will soon! :')
.... I Badgers. It's an addiction...

My name is Nox (she/they) and I am a first time WD player (never played LD). (3 hours ahead of WD time).
Feel free to reach out to me at any point to say hello!

My program is focused on:
❧ Breeding natural/naturalistic marking/base wolves, primarily muted and monochrome of any tier.
❧ Emphasis on high number of markings with some lunar/other unnatural marking colors sprinkled in at lower opacities.
❧ Work in unnatural eye colors whenever possible (azure, sapphire, indigo, purple, storm, dust... etc.)
❧ Will seek out lower gen/heritage-less wolves whenever possible but won't rule one due to a higher gen.
❧ Typically will avoid bringing in IB wolves.
❧ Carefully pair my own wolves to improve base stats and create specific stat-leans.
❧ Exploring WD's genetics mechanism through data collection.

🌟If you are interested in working together to pool wolves, resources, etc. on a breeding program, let me know!🌟

WD Goals include:
❧ Rescue. Rehab. Raise and chase. I seem to produce a TON of Storm Eye pups, perfect for chasing :')
❧ Also unlocked the enclave recently! I adopt pups with rare eye colors (like dust, storm, smoke, etc) and R/C!
❧ Develop lore!
❧ Expanding my crafting recipe list.
❧ Give back to the WD community through group donation, desireable chased wolves and other random acts of kindness.

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Name ☽ notoriousNOX [𝓨𝓕𝓐]
Pack Snake Mountain Pack
Leader Harounβ™›
Joined 2022-04-22
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