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Macaria #85792


Due to recent events in my life, such as a family member passing as well as other things, I will not be interested in most/all conversations and may come off as rude or snappy. I'd like to apologize for my behavior if I do come across as such, but I am simply not in the correct space at the moment.

Hello! I'm Macaria, or Mac! :)

I use they/them pronouns and am non-binary :)

I like warrior cats and often roleplay in the fandom, funny battle cats.
I also really enjoy the rdr games (rdr1 and rdr2).
I'm very into metal, specifically melodic heavy metal and doom metal. I do also like rnb and rock, but I listen to a little bit of everything.
Currently obsessed with the band Ghost.

I run an adoption thread and do writing commissions as well!
Writing Thread
Adoption Thread

I dont know what else to put here to fill space, but feel free to reach out!

PFP Credit: eluano # 70619 - > forum
Credit for Pixel Flags <3
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Name Macaria
Pack Alter pack
Queen Naafiri
Joined 2022-09-01
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