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~Queen Void~ #67892

Heyo if your reading this then curiosity gotcha!

I'm Young adult (16 - 20)

I go by she/him/they

I'm known to fall in love quickly, its worse when you relate to me and like alot of the things i like cause then I'm catching feels.

I love RPs more than anything i'd waste my time on.
[Fantasy, MxM - FxF - MxF, Wolves, Mha, Hybrids, Fantasy and many other RPs that I like doing]

I like long term Rps, but i'm ok with short terms {I use discord but it's hard to send it onto here so prefer onsite Rps}

I mostly have freetime 24/7 and I have an obsession with ppl that are taller than me

But with all that aside, I hope we'll be GREAT friends/Partners!
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Name ~Queen Void~
Pack Mystical Void Pack
Queen Skull'Claw
Joined 2022-05-03
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