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🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 #91390

ello there im amy!welcome to my profile!dont know how u found it but enjoy your stay!and also read my amazing lore.
im a straight she/her
and im a sarcastic,annoying,outgoing
call me amy as i am amy the log that types lore

im always happy to rp.

also im three hours ahead of wolvden time

Amy's shops
Amy's Medicine Market~ link

Roleplay/forum games
Wolvdeners vs Wild link

quote board

𓆏Shetan The Fancy𓆏 (#92708)
but for some reason before it loaded my brain thought omlette

amylog-writer of DarkLore (#91390)
@Hopephries™ (Hiatus) (#60937) omelets are inevitble they are everywhere.EVERYWHER in your closet,under you bed,in the sky,in your device..

💣Explosive 💥 Pickle🥒 (#30689)
the curse of the knees!

💣Explosive 💥 Pickle🥒 (#30689)
theres a knee-fection!

Seraphina's Stupidity (#39738)
Great merciful gods I will sacrifice my firstborn if you will save me from the KNEES!

OmegaMaple19955 (#114753)
@🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809) mmmm pee

🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809)
@OmegaMaple19955 (#114753) should I be concerned that you said, 'mmmm pee'?

OmegaMaple19955 (#114753)
@🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809) depends, is it sunny outside where you live, if it is, yes

🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809)
@OmegaMaple19955 (#114753) I'm concerned, then...

♡Queen of the Diarrhehe♡ (#111217)
Watch, the wolvden gods are gonna be like.. oops she died

Abbey (#1) This member is an Admin.
sacrificial circle let's go

J4d3v0rt3x (#93480)
imagine sleeping with a blanket made of human skin

Spaghetti_Gremlin (#54485)
@Solar Flares (#26993) mentor really went "Today's lesson is about death!" And proceeded to die right in front of its students

AngryTiger-[Item_Hoarder] (#10140)
'Aight guess I'll just die

Solar Flares (#26993)
Damn mentors keep traumotizing the pups by dropping dead in the middle of lessons

🥭 gråbein 🥭 (#41355)
Just got murdered by a herd of muskox, rest in piss me

scottyboyvevo (#115397)
Eranthis is so cute. i just want to turn them into a kebab at a summer barbecue.

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@scottyboyvevo (#115397) no wolf barbecue for you...

scottyboyvevo (#115397)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) but!! theyre cute!!! i want to turn them into a delicious meal

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
tala scares me

♥ SoullessAbyss ♥ (#1657)
kinda same

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
lets have a summoning ritual for the mods

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@Muxa [semi-active] (#12121) what they dont desrve love if they cant love my lore.

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) Also your alpha looks like they killed the pup

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) whaat no no..thats saw nothing

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) I saw EVERYTHING!! 9puppup whats your emergency

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) whaat no theirs nothing sus about my pack...i have lawyers and aliances with other packs!

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) Then we'll take it to court!!

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) boo storme packs leader ahraemi and the mayfly syndicates leader moonstar will sue your lead

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) Meh do it, my lead wolf needs to die or go to jaill

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) oh then....theyll report you to pup services and all your pups will be rehomed to my leads pack

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) I DONT HAVE ANY PUPS THEY ALL DIE

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) well then there will just be an attack under the cover of the night and when your lead wakes up theyll find half eaten wolf corpses

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) then i'll just send my piebald out and then idc what happens to the rest

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) they will find them

Leonca (#54339)
"Anatomy lessons can pay off when trying to deal fatal blows, and Deaf Girl listened eagerly."

CaliFire (#116835)
yummy raccoon kits

J4d3v0rt3x (#93480)
why there's no option to eat unweaned puppies🙄

Ghost of the lost wolf (#86186)
is it weird that i just shopped for rotting meat

TashaThePotatiKiller82 🫧🌑 (#40012)
@Jess (#118207) yes we are all very nice till we come out of your walls and kill you-

Pada (#23076)
I wonder what wolvden merch there will be in the future...

Dżanek | don't ping pls (#24018)
A plushie wolf that eats us while we're asleep.

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@𝖁𝖎𝖑𝖙𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖘 (#60937) misty star's nine-magical soulutions to living forever,the book

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
i like typing lore,typing until my fingers fall off and i have to grow new ones
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