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amylog-"I'm so old" #91390

I have this thing where I get older but just never wiser

Platonic lovers
*cool guy

Qoute of the week:
HoppingHare (#131199)
I'm the aliens that ate your pack

ello there im amy!welcome to my profile!
Amy/19yo/straight/live in townhouse

I can say basic greetings in swedish and German.

locating amy/games I play
Pokemon unite:lil'wolfy(switch)
Yu-gi-oh master duel:lil'wolfy(switch)
Roller champions:amylog_lore(switch)
Herd of Hounds:Ihearthounds(laptop)
Sky children of light(switch)

Need to talk?always free on..
Pokemon unite:lil'wolfy(to unlock chat on pokemon unite we need to battle together at least twice)
Herd of Hounds:Ihearthounds
Sky children of light good luck finding me..

get to know your neighborhood amy Q&A
How old are you?under 5,000y
Favirote animals?horse,wolf,lion in that order
What do you identify as?she/her
Are you a furry or therian?furry
Other intrests besides writing?gaming!
Do you like animae?yes..
Whats your favirote animae?uhhhhh I LOVE the orginal yugioh 2001-2005 and also yugioh gx and yugioh 5ds(close second is pokemon,particulary xyz)
Whats your dogs name?princess..i got her when I was 6..6 year old girls name everything princess..
Favirote warriors protagonist?well firestar is overated so...shadowsight!
Favirote warriors villan?tie between ashfur and darktail..
Favirote warrior cat?asfur
Favirote MCU hero?docter strange
Most valuable thing you own?a vaporeon from 1998
Pokemon team?stix(meowscarda),pyro ace(arcanine),crow(murcrow),litten,link(absol).

Amy's shops

Amy's Medicine Market~ link
Lore commisions-link


Breed a lethal link 10/27/23
Breed a albino
Breed a brachy
Breed a polymelia
Breed a conjoined twin

quote board

𓆏Shetan The Fancy𓆏 (#92708)
but for some reason before it loaded my brain thought omlette

amylog-writer of DarkLore (#91390)
@Hopephries™ (Hiatus) (#60937) omelets are inevitble they are everywhere.EVERYWHER in your closet,under you bed,in the sky,in your device..

💣Explosive 💥 Pickle🥒 (#30689)
the curse of the knees!

💣Explosive 💥 Pickle🥒 (#30689)
theres a knee-fection!

Seraphina's Stupidity (#39738)
Great merciful gods I will sacrifice my firstborn if you will save me from the KNEES!

OmegaMaple19955 (#114753)
@🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809) mmmm pee

🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809)
@OmegaMaple19955 (#114753) should I be concerned that you said, 'mmmm pee'?

OmegaMaple19955 (#114753)
@🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809) depends, is it sunny outside where you live, if it is, yes

🐾Violetta🐾 Dire Wolpard (#80809)
@OmegaMaple19955 (#114753) I'm concerned, then...

♡Queen of the Diarrhehe♡ (#111217)
Watch, the wolvden gods are gonna be like.. oops she died

Abbey (#1) This member is an Admin.
sacrificial circle let's go

J4d3v0rt3x (#93480)
imagine sleeping with a blanket made of human skin

Spaghetti_Gremlin (#54485)
@Solar Flares (#26993) mentor really went "Today's lesson is about death!" And proceeded to die right in front of its students

AngryTiger-[Item_Hoarder] (#10140)
'Aight guess I'll just die

Solar Flares (#26993)
Damn mentors keep traumotizing the pups by dropping dead in the middle of lessons

🥭 gråbein 🥭 (#41355)
Just got murdered by a herd of muskox, rest in piss me

scottyboyvevo (#115397)
Eranthis is so cute. i just want to turn them into a kebab at a summer barbecue.

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@scottyboyvevo (#115397) no wolf barbecue for you...

scottyboyvevo (#115397)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) but!! theyre cute!!! i want to turn them into a delicious meal

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
tala scares me

♥ SoullessAbyss ♥ (#1657)
kinda same

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
lets have a summoning ritual for the mods

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@Muxa [semi-active] (#12121) what they dont desrve love if they cant love my lore.

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) Also your alpha looks like they killed the pup

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) whaat no no..thats saw nothing

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) I saw EVERYTHING!! 9puppup whats your emergency

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) whaat no theirs nothing sus about my pack...i have lawyers and aliances with other packs!

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) Then we'll take it to court!!

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) boo storme packs leader ahraemi and the mayfly syndicates leader moonstar will sue your lead

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) Meh do it, my lead wolf needs to die or go to jaill

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) oh then....theyll report you to pup services and all your pups will be rehomed to my leads pack

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) I DONT HAVE ANY PUPS THEY ALL DIE

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) well then there will just be an attack under the cover of the night and when your lead wakes up theyll find half eaten wolf corpses

🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) then i'll just send my piebald out and then idc what happens to the rest

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@🏳‍🌈moon🏳‍🌈 (#65358) they will find them

Leonca (#54339)
"Anatomy lessons can pay off when trying to deal fatal blows, and Deaf Girl listened eagerly."

CaliFire (#116835)
yummy raccoon kits

J4d3v0rt3x (#93480)
why there's no option to eat unweaned puppies🙄

Ghost of the lost wolf (#86186)
is it weird that i just shopped for rotting meat

TashaThePotatiKiller82 🫧🌑 (#40012)
@Jess (#118207) yes we are all very nice till we come out of your walls and kill you-

Pada (#23076)
I wonder what wolvden merch there will be in the future...

Dżanek | don't ping pls (#24018)
A plushie wolf that eats us while we're asleep.

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@𝖁𝖎𝖑𝖙𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖆𝖘 (#60937) misty star's nine-magical soulutions to living forever,the book

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
Reminder :dont eat boxes

Constantly Sleep Deprived (#59562)
@🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390) what if I already did?

🪵amylog-typist of lore🖥 (#91390)
@Constantly Sleep Deprived (#59562) well then eat some tape to seal up the box

🎄HoppingHare🐰 (#131199)
@jesus (#60551) well you are over 2000 years old

Feretrophobe (#122848)
*clipping through the wall, T posed*

Notifications- "Your friend request to jesus has been accepted!"

Enjolras (#5845)
The haunted by a very strange irish ghost translator

cool guy (#94600)
@amylog-"despair pit" (#91390) golly j platonically love you

cool guy (#94600)
@Blue Dog 🩵 (#73588) I'm already a evil scientist

amylog-"I happy 🩷" (#91390)
@cool guy (#94600) aww thank you your also a biohazard

🐾 Murra Dire Wolpard🍀🐾 (#80809)
@🍅Ketchupwhisper🍅 (#128200) I am officially the mother of ketchup XD

🍀Luckywhisper🍀 (#128200)
my milksnake brings all the wolves to the yard

amylog-cant sleep (#91390)
@Hollow Howls (#12130) chicken flavored charcoal is delicous

amylog-cant sleep (#91390)
something about eating litteral charcoal is hard on your teeth

Hollow Howls (#12130)
Nah, you just didn't cook your charcoal right smh
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