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Tech 3.0 #5155

Just an 18 YO trying to figure out what to do with life. Aspiring welder - just saving money for school.

Pronouns are they/them or she/her.

I'm friendly. If you want to talk abt stuff I'm here! Also if you need anything- food, amusement, nesting materials, medicine - just ask. I don't want your wolves to leave any more than you do. If I have something, I'll help you out. (Either for free if you're REALLY struggling, or at a mega discounted price, like 10 SC per cure). I ask for nothing in return except that you do the same when you're able.

Currently pretty well stocked on medicine! I can also spare some food if needed.
Member Information
Name Tech 3.0
Pack Wild Storm Pack
Lead Wolf Reidun
Joined 2020-09-30
Last Active 2022/03/07 13:03:44
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