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Mangewolff­čîÖ #48989

Hi,, I'm Sky but you can call me Mange.
I'm sometimes super active and sometimes not but any messages should be responded to within 12 to 24 hours
I may disappear for a few days at a time but hopefully no longer than a week. If you need to get in touch with me feel free to reach out to my insta dms.

Wolves in the Cool Kids den are either T3, special base, or just special to me

Find me on social media:
Discord: SkyCreates #7278
Th: _sky_creates_
Member Information
Name Mangewolff­čîÖ
Pack Mange
Lead Nuka
Joined 2021-09-17
Last Active 2022/03/28 20:11:07
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Not a member of any groups.