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Xeva #16394

Supernova and Relativity, by Srinyx #244

Your typical astrophysics college student (she/her) who runs a pack of pixel wolves. A fan of minimalist decor and chonky stats. The urge to use Greek letters in my name is strong (Χενα / χενα / ΧΣVΛ / etc), but I shall resist the temptation.

Breeding focus is on role-specific stats, plus some pretty pupsitters used for data collection. Expect some Xeva-created guides in the future.
1. Litter sizes (in progress, will make a post at (tentatively) 500 pups)
2. Special (T*) breeding pass rates (in progress, will post when I have significantly more data)
3. Tier III breeding pass rates (in progress, will post when I have significantly more data)
4. Hunting party XP per level per biome (on hold for Taiga, Tundra, and Glacier data)
5. Hunting party stalker trails per biome, to complement #4 above (i.e., if a Stalker has between 600-650 relevant stats in Tundra, which trails they are able to pick up) (on hold)
6. Battle opponent stat drops per biome (on hold)
7. Opponent HP per level (in progress, will post when I have level 5 and level 15 opponent data for all opponents)

Speaking of data collection: If you want to log every single Special or T3 breeding you do, or every. single. hunt., message me! It would be awesome to have help (especially for hunting--currently I only have Tundra and some Glacier data).


And because I occasionally buy art...

First generation (Spectra and Pulsar):
Artists: #9672, .mageía kranía. #7508

Second generation (Andromeda and Quasar):
Artist: 🌈KwehCat #16933

Third generation (Supernova and Pluto):
Artists: Bluejay #5910, Srinyx #244, Anribel #1166

Fourth generation (Equinox, Mercury, and Spectral):
Artists: Starbound #49401, starryknight #18596

Fifth generation (Relativity):
Artists: Srinyx #244, Anribel #1166


Helpful Links:

Have Wolvden questions? Literally any question about Wolven? There is a 99.9% chance that the Grouse House guides have the answer! Click here for their guide directory!

Looking for items from the Tundra Raccoon Wares? Look no further! I will happily nab them for you. Just take a look at the linked thread and set up a trade :)

Nice dramatic tag by Srinyx #244
Pixel flags by 🦌Antlers🦌 #40935

~friend requests are on autoaccept because I accept them all anyways~

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