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Vincent the serval #49218

Vincent/Vinny | he/him | 26 | actually a serval
Joined 9/24/21
Toyhouse | FlightRising | Art Instagram | deviantArt | FurAffinity | Art Fight

I always have extra food on me, so if you ever need some emergency food or wish to trade for some, please PM me!

My current sales and shops for USD to support my insulin dependence:
FREE Toyhouse Codes [1 per person] | 3 Winter Themed YCHs [Open til March] | Cat Designs | Warrior Cat Designs | Leafeon variant Designs
PM friendly! Customs always open!

Member Information
Name Vincent the serval
Pack Safehaven Pack
Pack Leader Stray
Joined 2021-09-23
Last Active 8 hours ago
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