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🖤Honey - [Lights On!!]🧡 #45981

My Introduction!!

Helloo, I'm Honey!

- I don't care much if my wolves are inbred or not unless they're REALLY inbred. This means no wolf in the lineage that may appear 3-4 times
- My Discord: Honey#7357
- I'm not that interesting and I don't like to talk much so uh- B y e

Raise and Chase Banner


- Remove my stud 0/45 GC
- Buy pup stages


- Stalkers require high Smarts and Wisdom.
- Chasers require high Agility and Speed.
- Finishers require high Strength.

Strength: Finisher | Desert | Rainforest.
Speed: Chaser | D.forest | G.lands | Mountains | Prairie.
Agility: Chaser | Taiga | Swamp.
Wisdom: Stalker | Herbalist | R. wood | Glacier.
Smarts: Stalker | Herbalist | C.forest | Tundra.

7yrs 2mo is the last day female wolves can get pregnant.

Remove pupsitter role before adult turns 7y 6m otherwise pups can die too.
Member Information
Name 🖤Honey - [Lights On!!]🧡
Pack Storm Walker Pack
Alpha ⚜️ ☯️ Ash ☯️
Joined 2021-07-04
Last Active 22 minutes ago
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