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Ashryn #43961

Hello! You can call me Ash :)
I started playing this game a while ago but got busy and sort of forgot about/ditched it. I am making my slow return and I have once again gotten addicted. I am mostly a lore-based pack so I don't have a lot of specific goals, however I try to keep wolves who are at least 350+ birth stats, and natural-looking! Any wolves under 300 stats I've probably kept simply because I find them too pretty to let go of!

-I am a digital artist as well as a creature concept and character designer. I love to write, read, sing/listen to music, (as well as obviously draw)

-Parent of many fur-babies!

-I have ADHD, severe anxiety, and autism so please be patient with me! I can be very easily distracted and sometimes come off a bit strong but I promise I mean well!!

-I am a Satanist 🖤

-She/They pansexual in a committed relationship 🖤

-Wings of Fire, Wolves of the Beyond, Warrior Cats, TLOU, and FNAF fan (feel free to message me about any of this I will gladly gush about it with you)

-I accept random friend requests and gifts! I am a bit picky with wolves though, I tend to like more naturally colored ones for my pack, so if you ever want to gift a wolf just reach out to me^^
I may not always have the den space, so if I decline a wolf gift please don't take it to heart :)

-I love to help people and almost always have more than enough resources on hand, so if you need anything don't hesitate to reach out!

-Feel free to message me or send me friend requests! I enjoy meeting new people.

Note to Self
──── ✧《✩》✧ ────

Art of my current Queens Vixen and Era
Done by BJake666

Base by 86Eternity
Colored by me

Member Information
Name Ashryn
Pack Highridge
Queen ♛ Vixen🔥
Joined 2021-05-18
Last Active 16 hours ago
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