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Crimson Trail Pack

32 wolves in this pack may leave due to neglect!


Crimson Trail Pack

Pain Strenghens, Fear Drives Faith

The mist, thick as tar, breezed through you bushy coat as you trotted warily through the Riparian Woodland. Every fiber in your body warned you to turn around, but where? You don't even know how deep you are in this haunting forest.
Suddenly, something caught your eye through the fog and you stop short. A pair of red eyes glared into your soul. Your muscles tensed and your chest thumped like a drum when a low growl rang out in the silence. Horrified, you crouched low, lip curled, uncertainty crawling up your spine.
An immense wolf sauntered through the fog, his scar ridden body seemed to harmonize with the forest.
"Welcome to the Crimson Trail Pack." He spoke, his voice rumbling in your chest like a roar. An array of howls cried into the night, more eyes gleamed through the mist, and the metallic smell of blood lingered in the air.


Pack Laws

~When the hunters come back with a kill, alpha always eats first, then pups.

~Pups MUST always come first (except for feeding, their second), if and adult wolf and a pup are injured, pup gets care first.

~After killing an animal, you must always give a moment to thank the animal, even if dead, for giving his life.

~If any dog comes on the territory, execute immediately if the dog wont run away. If a coyote comes, kill. No questions asked.

~Always help your fellow pack member, especially in war.

~No chasing, executing, or fighting wolves without alpha approval.

~Alphas will always be a male. Will MAYBE make an exception if female goes through a brutal test.

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Radar, a name feared by all, for the name is carried by a fierce and bold wolf that leads the Crimson Trail pack. But he was never born an alpha. Heck, nobody knows where he was born, whether in royalty or the common, unliked wolf.

But this is the story of how a total loser became alpha. When he was first found washed up on a riverbank as a pup, he was no killer. A black, scrawny, tiny bag of bones is what Sky, a silver wolf chased from her pack, found while pawing for fish. She, at first, thought it was some kind of squirrel and would make a good snack. But was startled not only when she figured out it was her own kind, but of how tiny it was. Knowing the unconscious pup would never survive under the conditions he was in, she carefully grabbed the loose skin at the neck and searched for the nearest pack.

As Sky wandered the forest, desperate for the slightest scent of wolf, she stumbled on a herbalist foraging for plants and what not. "Can you help me?" Sky said, mumbling cause of the delicate pup in her jaws. The herbalist turned around, seeming startled. "What?" The plant picker looked at the petite lump in her mouth. "Im no pup sitter," He started. "He's gonna die," Sky interrupted. "Can't I just give him to you and you give him to somebody who will care for him?" The herbalist looked at the malnourished pup then at her. "Alright, quick! I'll take it to a mother I know." Sky set the pup down gently, and before the herbalist grabbed him, he asked. "Where did you find it from?" "On the side of Owl Talon River." She blurted then darted away. "Strange." He mumbled.

The herbalist named Busan walked to his packs alpha with his the unbelievably tiny wolf in his muzzle.
The alpha and beta, Micuh and Rei, where laying side by side, muttering to each other to quiet to hear. "My great alpha," Busan said with submission. "I have come to you with a pup, starving and half dead, that was found on the side of Owl Talon River." Rei gasped, looking at the pup with sympathy. "Bring it here." Micuh said, almost sounding if he had more important things to do. Busan walked up, with ears back, and set the little thing in front of the pair. The black pup began to move, barely but some. It coughed a little then began normal breathing. There was a hint of blood in the air. "Leave at once." He commanded Busan. "We will discuss about the pup. But, one question before you go, Why in the name of Lorican where you at Owl Talon River? That's far from my pack, and there's rules."
"I will be honest," Busan mumbled. "A outsider wolf came to me and gave me the pup to seek care for it. She said she got it from the river." Micuh stood up suddenly and looked at Busan then looked at the pup. "An outsider!? This close!? This shall not happen again!" "Oh, but we must take care of the little one first." Rei butted. Busan had left, in fear mostly, but he also had a streak of hate for Micuh. He was bullheaded and dumb as an ox. "Do whatever you want with it!" He exclaimed. "It's gonna die anyway! And if it does live, I'll have no part with it!" He stormed. We walked off, furious for no clear reason.

Rei took the pup to the mother's den. On the way she was startled by multiple things. How quiet he was, he was so light, and he didn't move much. She had pups of her own, and they were the healthiest things you ever seen. After inspecting the pup, she learned it had a few gashes that needed care, and that it was a male. "Micuh wouldn't like that." She said to herself.

After months of care the pup started to look normal, but then, the pup, black as coal, started getting bigger then any other pup she'd seen at that age. When he was weaned, he left the den and started wondering, curiosity overflowing in his little head. He got about a half mile when he smelled a wolf, one from his pack, and it was fresh. The black pup, who never had a name, stuck too the lush, forest brush and followed the scent. Then he found him.

A wolf name Ram, which meant Huge Thunder, was hunting alone. Black decided to lay low and watch. Ram, an immensely muscular hunter with a red hue to his fur, stuck his nose in the air then, without warning, dropped to a crouch. Black, being curious, sniffed the air same as Ram. Whitetail! He knew the scent cause it was a favorite meal of his. Suddenly, the red wolf darted with unimaginable speed, he heard a doe grunt and a great thrashing of leaves, then silence. Ram walked out of the thick trees with an old doe between his jaws and was dragging it home. "Can you teach me?" Black said without thinking. Ram wipped his head around to see the little black wolf standing on the trail. "You're stealthy," he commented. "I didn't even smell you. You know what," Ram gave Black kindly eyes. "I've got time, follow me." He left the doe and started walking a different path. Exited, Black dashed to catch up with Ram, and instantly looked up to the big wolf as the best in the world.

A year later, when Black was 1y 4m, he was even bigger than Ram, and aside from him, he was the best hunter. Ram and Black became close, Ram teaching him like his own son, and he looked up to Ram like a dad. One odd day, Ram called Black over.

"Kid, I've been thinking, Black ain't no proper name for a wolf like you. You're big, fast, and incredibly strong. I wanted to gift you a name, one you deserve, a name that all will remember when they hear it, for the wolf that uses it is the most powerful in the country. Radar is a name humans use. A radar can detect something, whether threat or food, from miles away. I've seen you do just that many atime. Radar, I hope you take that to the grave." Black, whose new name was Radar, looked at the wise wolf with passion. "I will", he said excitedly "you have my word."

Micuh larked sneakily from the den, listening to every word, and his head boiled red with jealousy. "Him!? A name like that!? Never!" He climbed to the to a the Howlers Rock and let out the ugliest howl known to history. "Why's Micuh calling a pack meeting now?" Radar spoke aloud. Every wolf, big and small gathered in the Main Den. Everybody circled and whispered among themselves. Micuh stood in the middle, being the "alpha" he was. "Today," He yelled. " I have decided that a wolf in our pack is to dangerous for our pack and is to be chased out of my territory!"

The whispers grew in numbers and volume. "He's a threat, and we were blind to see it! He's to big and to powerful to continue being here!" He let the words sink in. Every wolf looked at each other nervously, asking questions, curious on who it was. "Black! Stand before me!" Many gasped, some kept silent. Radar looked at Ram with desperation. "Fight!" He whispered, and Radar quickly regained confidence.
He walked with power through the crowd to the pathetic alpha. "That's not my name." He said cooly and clearly. His ears forward, tail up, showing confidence and dominance. He'd been submissive and been kicked to the bottom for too long.

"You dare come at me and speak like that!" He said snarling. "Submit you foolish turkey! Strutting up here like you own the place!" Radar did not cower, or even flinch. "I am Radar, I come from The Owl Talon River, and I'm here to challenge you for alpha!" About half the den gasped, including Rei. "Don't be stupid, grunt!" Micuh said with a hint of fear. No one has ever challenged him. He became alpha through birth. "Im running you out! I don't even need to fight!" "Someone sounds like there scared!" Micuh crouched low to the ground, ready to lunge, and bared his teeth. "You will die for that!" He growled.

Radar stood in his tracks, his posture told everyone he was not backing down and was serious. Radar bared his teeth and let out the most fearsome snarl that sent shivers down the wolves spine. The first move always helps in the long run, so Radar sprang forward, jaws open revealing all 42 teeth, sharp and ready. Micuh did not expect this, being an aggressively stupid he was no fighter. he barely had time to react before the wolf as black as coal leaped at him, aiming for the throat. The coward ducked, saving him, but Radar clamped on to his shoulder and started thrashing. Micuh bite him on the leg, but lost grip. The bigger wolf released his jaws and they both unleashed hell. Facing each other, the bit, slashed, clawed, and ripped each other to pieces, both getting weak from blood loss. The wolf that was once called Black got a grip of Micuh's hindquarters. He released his clasp to go for the neck, but Micuh somehow slipped his mouth to the side and grabbed hold of Radar's neck, his life support. He started clamping and Radar's vision started getting hazy, but he wouldn't give up. He swiftly dropped and rolled, which sent the unfortunate Micuh flying like a bird, and thudded next to Ram. Shaken and broken, Micuh tried to get up, but was only met with Radars immense size on top of him. The smaller wolf snapped and tried what he could, but it was no use, the wolf as black as coal clamped his mighty jaws on Micuh esophagus. He fought weakly, then relaxed. Radar felt the soul of the wolf leave as if relieved to be out of such filth.

He let the body go, licking the blood off his lips, and stared at the bloody mess that lay before him. The silence turned suddenly into an array of howls, not sad howls, but triumphant calls.
He was bloody himself, but not as bad. Without so much as a word, Radar picked up the dead wolf without much effort and left. The wolves talked among themselves, wondering what he was gonna do with it. In the woods, after dragging the body 3 miles north, he reached Owl Talon River, and lade the body on the bank of the river.

"This is how I started, and this is where you will lay." He said to the dead wolf and walked away. From where the wolf alpha died to where it lay, there was a red blood trail as clear as day and he followed it home. From then on he was leader. Radar, of Crimson Trail Pack. He earned the name and made it feared by all. His pack respect him, and he respects the pack. Ram unfortunately passed, but is forever with Radar. And Rei got to stay in the pack till she passed as well. And that, my fellow wolves, is how Radar, the alpha of the Crimson Trail Pack, became.


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Wolves I Often Breed

Ghost Bases
Patches: mottled wolves
Patches: split wolves

Pack Goals

~Make Allies
~Breed a Siren
~Name all wolves Nordic names


Pm me if you want to make an alliance with my pack
~ Fallen Whispers Pack - Alpha: TawnyStar
~ Silver Ecli Pack - Alpha: Trickster

Alpha Dynasty

Current- Radar
Next- ??


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Alpha Radar
Played By ŞĦỮŇҜΔ ŴΔŘΔҜ’ƗŇ (#46065)
Territory Biome Riparian Woodland
Cave Slots 10 / 10
Pack Adults 31 / 42
Pack Pups 24 / 210
Immortal Wolves 0 / 1

Name Stats Info Currents
Hydrangea Base| Special Dark *
472 stats L7 Male 2 years 0 months (Adult) 2y 0m Scout
̷T̷̷r̷a̷̷v̷̷e̷̷l̷̷e̷̷r̷̷s̷ ̷F̷̷r̷̷o̷̷m̷ ̷A̷̷f̷a̷̷r
Name Stats Info Currents
450 stats L7 Male 6 years 10 months (Adult) 6y 10m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!Traveling Wolf
̷D̷a̷̷r̷̷k̷ ̷S̷̷i̷̷d̷̷e̷
Name Stats Info Currents
412 stats L1 Male 1 year 8½ months (Adult) 1y 8½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
388 stats L6 Female 2 years 11 months (Adult) 2y 11m Breeding Cooldown (15 rollovers)PupsitterSecured
319 stats L1 Male 0 years 6½ months (Adolescent) 0y 6½m
270 stats L1 Male 0 years 2½ months (Young Puppy) 0y 2½m
270 stats L1 Male 0 years 2½ months (Young Puppy) 0y 2½m No PupsitterSick
266 stats L1 Female 0 years 9½ months (Adolescent) 0y 9½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
254 stats L1 Female 1 year 0½ months (Adult) 1y 0½m Hungry UnhappyIn Heat (3 rollovers)Will Leave!
252 stats L1 Male 0 years 2½ months (Young Puppy) 0y 2½m No Pupsitter
Name Stats Info Currents
617 stats L9 Male 3 years 7 months (Adult) 3y 7m Hungry UnhappyHunterWill Leave!
561 stats L8 Male 3 years 3 months (Adult) 3y 3m Hungry UnhappyHunterWill Leave!Secured
493 stats L10 Female 6 years 1 month (Adult) 6y 1m Hungry UnhappyIn Heat (3 rollovers)HunterWill Leave!
460 stats L8 Male 2 years 10½ months (Adult) 2y 10½m Hungry UnhappyHunterWill Leave!
439 stats L8 Female 3 years 3½ months (Adult) 3y 3½m Hungry UnhappyBreeding Cooldown (6 rollovers)HunterWill Leave!
425 stats L10 Female 6 years 1½ month (Adult) 6y 1½m Hungry UnhappyHunterWill Leave!
354 stats L6 Male 2 years 8 months (Adult) 2y 8m Hungry UnhappyHunterWill Leave!Sick
very good fertility Alphas Future mate?
346 stats L6 Female 2 years 3 months (Adult) 2y 3m HungryBreeding Cooldown (20 rollovers)HunterWill Leave!
295 stats L1 Male 0 years 0 months (Newborn) 0y 0m No Pupsitter
293 stats L1 Female 0 years 0 months (Newborn) 0y 0m No Pupsitter
293 stats L1 Female 0 years 0 months (Newborn) 0y 0m No Pupsitter
294 stats L1 Male 0 years 0 months (Newborn) 0y 0m No Pupsitter
339 stats L8 Female 3 years 11½ months (Adult) 3y 11½m Hungry UnhappyIn Heat (1 rollover)HunterWill Leave!
̷H̷a̷̷l̷̷f̷ ̷R̷̷i̷̷g̷̷h̷̷t̷
Name Stats Info Currents
̷P̷̷u̷̷p̷̷s̷̷i̷̷t̷̷t̷̷e̷̷r̷̷s̷ a̷̷n̷̷d̷ ̷M̷̷o̷̷r̷̷
Name Stats Info Currents
710 stats L10 Female 3 years 0 months (Adult) 3y 0m Hungry UnhappyBreeding Cooldown (2 rollovers)ScoutWill Leave!
453 stats L7 Female 5 years 10½ months (Adult) 5y 10½m Hungry UnhappyBreeding Cooldown (8 rollovers)PupsitterWill Leave!Secured
Lore in bio
397 stats L8 Male 3 years 10½ months (Adult) 3y 10½m Hungry UnhappyHerbalistWill Leave!
📚|🖤| 🇺🇸
361 stats L7 Female 3 years 8 months (Adult) 3y 8m Hungry UnhappyBreeding Cooldown (15 rollovers)PupsitterWill Leave!
Extérieur || 7/10 || 🇺🇸
314 stats L8 Female 4 years 11 months (Adult) 4y 11m Breeding Cooldown (14 rollovers)Pupsitter
301 stats L6 Female 3 years 11 months (Adult) 3y 11m HungryBreeding Cooldown (20 rollovers)PupsitterWill Leave!
380 stats L1 Male 0 years 0 months (Newborn) 0y 0m No Pupsitter
378 stats L1 Male 0 years 0 months (Newborn) 0y 0m No Pupsitter
296 stats L1 Female 0 years 2½ months (Young Puppy) 0y 2½m No Pupsitter
292 stats L1 Male 0 years 3 months (Puppy) 0y 3m
292 stats L1 Female 0 years 3 months (Puppy) 0y 3m
Not a Mela
272 stats L6 Female 4 years 2½ months (Adult) 4y 2½m Hungry UnhappyPupsitterWill Leave!Secured
Name Stats Info Currents
366 stats L8 Male 2 years 8 months (Adult) 2y 8m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
468 stats L1 Male 1 year 8½ months (Adult) 1y 8½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
307 stats L1 Male 1 year 5½ months (Adult) 1y 5½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
Name Stats Info Currents
270 stats L1 Male 2 years 0½ months (Adult) 2y 0½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!Traveling Wolf
̷y̷̷o̷̷u̷̷n̷̷g̷ ̷O̷̷n̷̷e̷̷s̷
Name Stats Info Currents
521 stats L1 Female 0 years 4½ months (Puppy) 0y 4½m No Pupsitter
Going with mama🇺🇸
307 stats L1 Male 0 years 11½ months (Adolescent) 0y 11½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
260 stats L1 Male 1 year 0½ months (Adult) 1y 0½m
381 stats L1 Male 1 year 0 months (Adult) 1y 0m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
345 stats L1 Female 0 years 9½ months (Adolescent) 0y 9½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
298 stats L1 Female 0 years 8 months (Adolescent) 0y 8m HungryWill Leave!
381 stats L1 Female 0 years 7½ months (Adolescent) 0y 7½m HungryWill Leave!
Future traveler
262 stats L1 Male 0 years 7 months (Adolescent) 0y 7m
252 stats L1 Male 1 year 1 month (Adult) 1y 1m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
Țħė Şĩčķ
Name Stats Info Currents
Name Stats Info Currents
521 stats L1 Female 0 years 9½ months (Adolescent) 0y 9½m
“Trustworthy One”| Traveler | Read bio |
320 stats L1 Male 2 years 2½ months (Adult) 2y 2½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!Traveling Wolf
339 stats L8 Male 3 years 0½ months (Adult) 3y 0½m Hungry UnhappyWill Leave!
267 stats L1 Female 1 year 3 months (Adult) 1y 3m HungryBreeding Cooldown (18 rollovers)Will Leave!
329 stats L1 Male 0 years 1 month (Newborn) 0y 1m No Pupsitter
329 stats L1 Male 0 years 1 month (Newborn) 0y 1m No Pupsitter
327 stats L1 Female 0 years 1 month (Newborn) 0y 1m No Pupsitter