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[♰] Yharnam #43420

This is a Raise & Chase Den.

Raise and Chase Banner

You can find my chased wolves in Swamp Explore!
I don't just chase valuable wolves. I also like to chase wolves that I find aesthetically pleasing.
Any wolf can be valuable to anyone, and I want to support the thrill of finding a pretty one in general.

Hi I'm Logan and I like Bloodborne a Normal Amount.

There's no journal on this site so ignore this.

Shopping List Memo: Dream Heir
x1 Base Applicator [Airglow]
x1 Claw Applicator [Moonbow]
x1 Nose Applicator [Moonbow]
x1 Skin Applicator [Cynthius]
x1 Eye Applicator [Lumino]
x1 Markings Applicator [Biform]
x1 Markings Applicator [Losna]
x1 Markings Applicator [Luna]
x1 Gentle Cnitharian Accents [Hind Legs]
x1 Lunar Moon Ear Plug
x1 Ancient Swamp Tree
Member Information
Name [♰] Yharnam
Pack The Old Hunters
King The Hound of Hemwick
Joined 2021-05-08
Last Active 4 days ago
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