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Nellie #43327

Most people on this site just call me by my display name :)
I really want an original profile, so here's me trying LOL

I only roll over on days where I can devote my entire day to the game

About me
~17 years old
~8/9 hours ahead of Wolvden time
~I love roleplaying! (No romance, SFW only, fantasy, adventure, action, magic, mystery..)
~I have a lovely pet dog called George McFloofin
~I play Pokémon and Genshin as well and really like games like that with battles, quests and a good story
~Feel free to shoot me a message! When I'm actively busy playing and rolling over, I try to always get my wolves to work :) I wanna help everyone :D
~I like randomly going through people's wishlist and sending items I have but don't need and also can't sell!
~I want to be a writer
~I am on the autism spectrum! (Please be respectful, I'll ask if I need any accomodations, thank you :D )
~I love this game and the community so much :D

About my game play
I usually roll over when I can actively spend the day on wolvden. I love the fishing game and do spend a lot of SC in the slot machine, because I've noticed that for me, the more I do it, the more often I win! My pack is a friendly one that also likes exactly one human in their pack. They move around a little all over the map. I like to just breed wolves that I like, so no rare tiers (I have no idea what T(Number) even means) and just buy stuff that I like. I also love to trophy hunt, and fulfill wishes as I call it, so if you ever need anything feel free to let me know ^^ There is the issue of me needing stuff as well, but I'll always try to help you and I like to do it for free, but sometimes I charge if the item is really rare/hard to find/craft.
I really like to be active in roleplay forums that are a good, friendly community, and every time I see the new forum notifications, I get so excited :D
Feel free to shoot me messages, but please no random ones LOL. I mostly respond to messages that actually have a clear goal in the game, and from there on often chat further, MAYBE.
I really like wolf lore, but heeey I'm bad at keeping it up :'D
Anyways, feel free to lurk my profile, talk to me about the game etc :D I'll be happy to talk to you about the game ^^

Member Information
Name Nellie
Pack WingedWolves
Alpha Dantigo
Joined 2021-05-06
Last Active 2022/06/30 23:53:34
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